Sunday, December 6, 2015

ugly sweater.

Ugly sweater party! Who likes them? Who likes hosting them?

What would make a better sweater party? 

Ugly sweater cookies and ugly sweater DIY corn starch ornaments. 

I was happily picked to host an ugly sweater party from Tryazon. For hosting the party they sent me an adorable ugly sweater cookie cutter, along with a few other goodies, from Sweet Creations. Thanks! 

I wanted to add a little twist to the traditional ugly sweater party and make cornstarch ornaments. I made the dough and used the cookie cutter to make ugly sweaters. I used the sweater imprint tool to roll on the patterns while the dough was still wet. The cornstarch ornaments work great because they come out white and makes them perfect for coloring on. Sharpies or colored markers are all you need to decorate these. This makes for a great party souvenir, an excellent keepsake to remind your guests of a fun time. 

Oh course, we couldn't have an adorable  ugly sweater cookie cutter...and tools... not use those goodies. I used a simple sugar cookie recipe, and rolled the dough out, used the ugly sweater cookie cutter, imprinted the patterns, baked, and decorated. 

The icing pipes provided by Sweet Creations are some of the best I've ever used. These made icing the designs super easy, kid friendly, and added almost no mess. 

We had so much fun hosting our Ugly Sweater party! We enjoyed making and decorating our keepsake ornaments. We fancied making cookies, spent time decorating, and they turned out so pretty...almost too pretty to eat...almost

Would you ever use an ugly sweater cookie cutter?

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