Friday, April 20, 2018

Chairs + girls.

Girls + chairs. One sister ate crutons for breakfast and the other hid her brothers toothbrush...and they both fought over this chair the second I opened it. 

You can find the chair here:

This chair is super lightweight, comfy, small, easy to carry, and perfect for long days at the ball field. 

I received this chair for free in exchange for social media shares. But, in all honesty...this chair is great and I know that it is going to get a lot of use! I love that it folded up small...I know it won’t take up a lot of space in our car...and is light enough for one of the little girls to carry. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Jude. 9. {birthday letters)

Dear Jude, 

I’m not sure why...but lately you seem so grown up to me! 

Tonight I gave you a big hug before you went to bed...and I told you to give me an extra squeeze because this was going to be last time I hugged you as an 8 year old. 

I told you tomorrow you would be 9...and that’s basically a man. Oh who am I’ve always been more like a grown man than a child. You never played with action figures...could not grasp the concept of imagination spent your days studying presidents and maps...not playing with the things most of he boys your age did. 

Now, with that Love has never wavered....and that’s baseball. You’ve always loved playing’ve been working so hard this year in the off season to become a first baseman...I can’t wait to watch the first game of the season this weekend! 

I’ve also been reflecting a lot on your NICU days. I didn’t take any picture of you hooked up to monitors and machines...I did not want to remember you that way. Grandma took some photos of you in the early days of you stay at a la baby ICU...and I got mad at her for taking them...I may or may not have snapped at her and demand that they be removed from all social media...but I text her today and asked if she still had them and if she would send me some. She kept them...and she sent them my way. I got a little teary eyed thinking about how God’s provision was over your little life. My water broke 5 weeks and 6 days before your due date...and I wasn’t in labor. I wasn’t in the least bit scared or worried for you...I felt such a peace...I knew that God was going to take care of you...if that were to happen today...I’m not sure if I would react the same way...fear has attacked me way more with didn’t stand a chance in my youth...and it didn’t stand a chance when you were born. 

12 long days you stayed in the NICU. I though you were never going to come home!!’ve been around 3,285 days...12 days was just a flash in the pan.

Then you can home...and cried...and cried some more...and when you were done cried a little more...Elisabeth asked if we could take you back to the  NICU because you cried so much. You cried 5-6 hours out of the day for 10 months...then one day we gave you a French fry...and you stopped...and you’ve probably only cried like three times since then. I always tease that we put in all the hard work the first year of your life...and it’s been smooth sailing since. 

You are such a wonderful boy and son! You’re are good in’re a great brother. Your still Elisabeth’s best claim Lyla drives you crazy...but I see the way the two of you bond over weird try your best to love on Brooklyn...but she usually just pinches you...don’t worry she does that to all of us...I think that how she says “I love you.”

You always do what I’re still the worlds worst enjoy playing card games like spades and love huskies + wolves...and told me one day you’ll own a Polmski (which a a cross between a Husky & Pomeranian ... that basically means it will look like a baby wolf forever.)

You love the Cardinals, Jesus, and donuts. Your my favorite person to cook for because you like everything. I used to have a son...but I lost him to a little game called Fortnite. You can floss like no other...and love getting online and playing with your cousins. You have fun playing baseball in the neighbors drive away, playing kickball out back, & four square out front.

You don’t care for soda or gum. You can never find socks, you despise haircuts and shoe shopping...or any shopping really. You don’t like to watch movies, but you will watch Studio C, Dude Perfect, and Collins Key. 

I love the hugs you give, your sea glass eyes, dimples, and laugh. I can’t wait to see what you do in the world and how God will lead you. 

I love you so very much.


Happy birthday, son. I can t wait to see how God will use your life to touch others.


I was very excited to receive this Meigo Magnet set in exchange for social post + reviews! 

This style of “toy” is right up my alley as a mom. I love encouraging imagination play...stem style play...and engineer play! 

So much can come out of children when they use their imagination! 

I appreciate the red velvet bag these magnets come with! Its perfect for bringing along to baseball games and swim meets...or even leaving in the car for my youngest to play with while we wait in the car rider line to pick up her siblings.

This set is an amaxing deal! $16.99 for 30 pieces 

You can find it here:

Saturday, April 7, 2018

A difference of two days.


Blue skies. Big clouds. No jackets. Families hikes. Laughs. City views. 


Ice. Frigid temperatures. Ice covered trees. Many layers of clothing. Laughs. City views. Family hikes.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Lyla girl. 6!!

Lyla girl! 

Happy 6th birthday (3/26) my girl are sunshine in real life form. 

Happy birthday to the girl who is silly and wild. To the girl who loves dogs, puppies, and basically any breathing animal. To the girl who’s curiosity still gets her into mischief more times than not. 

Happy birthday to the girl who loves life, is always up for adventure, is always down for fun, and still finds eating boring. 

Happy birthday to my thrill the girl is is one of the loudest (when it comes to screaming)...but is also one of the quietest family the girl often lost in her own thoughts...or dream world. Dream big little’s a great quality you possess. 

Happy birthday to the girl who will abandon an ice cream cone to the girl who can really boogie...refuses to watch the girl who’s love language is off the charts GIFTS. To the girl who has sparkling eyes...loves warm days...despises cold ones. 

Happy birthday to the girl who takes great care of her baby sister...loves to push the rules and stress her brother out...and adores her oldest sister’s company. To the girl who begs to have her friends come over and then abondands the play date twenty minutes in...cause she rather hang with Mom. 

Happy birthday to my most compassionate child. To the girl who can’t stomach to see anyone the girl who will walk out on any type of commercial that she deems “sad”. To the girl who is a kind friend, daughter, and sister...always bringing joy. 

Happy birthday to the lover of toy videos, sunflower seeds, the hammock swing, Chewbacca, the color blue, not cleaning up messes, swimming, art...or the freedom in making a mess that art brings, and exploring with Dad. 

Happy birthday to our night owl, sleeper in, or just plain lover of sleep...happy birthday to my fun, darling, lovely girl! 

I love you so much and we can way to see how God uses your compassion and adventurous spirit in this world. 


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Fearless! Such a great book and tool for any young girl (or boy) Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson shares her story and struggle with fear and how she overcame that. Such a good read and strong message. 

For a chance to win leave a comment telling me something that you fear. 

(Backup) Bible giveaways.

This Bible is a prayer bible and would be amazing for any aged kiddo! It come with a prayer journal,  Q & A , and many more features. This would an amazing resource for a Sunday School class, homeschooling, a bible study, or just as an everyday bible. 

For a chance to win leave a comment below.