Friday, April 21, 2017

March 24th. {a recap}


Sometimes you just need to get out of the house and explore. It was a crazy rainy month of March...a gloomy month...filled with clouds and no sun. We may or may not have been going stir crazy. We decided to drive away from the storms...or so we though. We headed up to the fine city of Excelsior Springs Missouri. We decided to explore the elms hotel which is filled with history of Harry Truman and Al Capone. We ended up outside exploring the grounds and the creeks outside when out of nowhere a torrential down pour hit us. It was great we laughed dodge raindrops jumped over puddles...and then got hungry. We could decide where to eat...but we could smell the amazing smoked meat from Walbash...our noses acted like a cartoon character carring our bodies to the smell. We had a lovely lunch tormenting Brooklyn with pickles...drinking soda...and eating the worlds best smoked ribs. We finished the day by taking the soon to be birthday girl to Build-A-Bear to get a stuffed pup and Skye doll. It was a lovely day. 

Birthday recap. {Lyla}


Lyla's fifth birthday was filled with fun and excitement. She had originally planned to have 1.57 million birthday parties but in the end she settled on having two. She had one tea party with her friends complete with the trolls birthday cake. The second party was filled with family and toys surprises. Is anyone else's child obsessed with toy videos the way my younger two daughters are? We made a cake I bought blind bag toys and Lyla had the pure treat of opening each toy and placing it on top of her birthday cake. In between parties miss Lyla girl requested getting her ears pierced...she was so brave! She didn't even cry. While we were at the beauty salon getting her ears pierced she also had her hair curled and fixed...she was on cloud nine. On her actual birthday we woke up had church at home...went to the mall to snuggle puppies...only to find out the store didn't open until noon...we couldn't wait because Jude had we picked up McDonalds Happy meals and had a picnic on the floor at home...then we headed on over to grandma and grandpa's house for dinner and celebrate grandpa's 64th birthday. It was a lovely weekend. 

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Jude. {birthday letters}


Dear Jude, 

8. Wow. I'm not gonna lie I got a little emotional last night when I was watching you play catch with dad in the backyard...then I gave a hug to your 7 year old self on last time...and you informed me that I'd never have a 7 year son again. You sir, tug at my heart strings a's probably because I can still picture your tiny little 5 pound body when you decided to show up 6 weeks before your due date...what a strong healthy kid you turned out to be...God is so good. 

You are so make me laugh...all the time.

You're still smarter than all of us combined. In the past month you have causally informed us what biomimicry is...what cud is...and that snakes don't blink. 

You're quiet and honest. You will boldly state who your favorite sister is. You also don't mind having said you're ok with being the only boy because that means you can have dad all to yourself. 

I often tease that you are a 70 year old trapped inside a 7 year olds body...your very simple...and I like want to know if the Cardinals are playing...what's for dinner...and when's the next time you can golfing. 

You are really into baseball. You know all about players past and present. You told me the other night that you'd like to have a baseball team called the Salem Wolves. Speaking of wolves...they are your favorite animal...and I guess your going to have to move to Salem. 

You enjoy Dude Perfect and Zack King. You fancy everything bagels, Lamar's donuts, and pretty much anything that isn't a sweet don't like Green is your favorite color. 

Your hobbies include bike riding, playing with your cousins, making YouTube videos for REJ, and MLB the Show '17. 

You're the only kid in our house who will give me a hug everyday and make it a point to tell me how much you love me. The feeling is mutual, kid. I adore you. I hope you can feel how much you are loved by dad and myself. I know that God is going to do mighty things in your life. Pray often and listen to his voice in the stillness and he will guide you.


March recap.





March you were a good one. // family days // retirement parties // bottle feeding a baby cow, four wheelers,  horses, and laughing // country drives // green archers is the place for me // rain, so much rain // dreary sad weather // what is this thing you call the sun??? I've forgotten //  one nice day of treasure hunting at the lake //  Harvey swimming for the first time and gas station snacks // a few days later SNOW! // the weather is bipolar// more rain and clouds // I'm not sitting in the house another day // let's drive away from the rain // I know where to go! // truman's room and al capone's room // we are hungry // what's that amazing smell??? // excelsior springs and walbash...oh so good! // almost five! // a friend tea party // getting our ears pierced! // so brave NO TEARS! // a family party // now it's actually your more cupcake // grandpas birthday and playing with cousins // kindergarten round up // more rain // 

February recap. {in April}



February recap. // lovely and sunny and warm. //  days at the park, chatting with friends, and eating gas station snacks and drinks. // love day // juke box valentine boxes // park with the little girls // chipotle for lunch // class parties // boys vs girls // our old stomping grounds // basketball records and jerseys //dreaming of country living // more parks days // picking out our own outfits // paint samples...and more paint samples...and painting the walls // skip it, back yard play, and silly string // da' Bronx and new parks // family day exploring and eating out // Chewy, church, Sunday photos, and coffee //