Wednesday, October 7, 2015

nick + party city.

Even though this is a sponsored post, I'm not kidding you when I say my children's favorite store to visit is Party City

It just so happens to be located next to our grocery store, and every time we are in the neighborhood...I hear, "Mom? Can we go to Party City?" 

Galavanting around that store is like our favorite pastime. (I'm sure the store employees love us.) 

Add a holiday and a few of our favorite Nickelodeon characters...and It's a recipe for fuuuuuuun. 

They have a great selection of costumes. From Sponge Bob, Paw Patrols, and other favorite Nickelodeon characters. As a mom to four children, I love the price range! You don't have to spend $50 (a kid) on Halloween costumes. You can purchase a few accessories for under $5 and use items you might already have at home to create a unique costume.

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you might already know that little miss Lyla girl could care less about princesses. That girl is all about the Ninja Turtles. My favorite part about our trip to Party City has to be that they are now offering "girly" ninja turtle options. I LOVE the turtle tu-tu dress...and pink turtle wands...and turtle bows...and turtle leggings...I did by best to convince my brown eyed girl to go the frilly route...but you can see in the above photo...she wanted a "minja turtle" costume...with a blue bow.

Do you ever parade around Party City?
Do you buy Halloween costumes or do you make your own?

On a funny note. I made a video with Lyla documenting our trip to Party City and when her older siblings found out that we went there with out them...they begged to go and make a video we went...I told you...they are all about Party City. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

diy wreath.

diy wreath // step one: be super frugal (see yesterdays post) // step two: refuse to pay $50 for a wreath // step three: find some burlap on sale for $3 (check Micheal's) // step four: spend at least 20 mins of your life finding that old wreath you know just in case you need it for a craft project (or buy a foam one at the dollar store) //  step five: spend another 15 mins finding scissors that aren't designed for a two year old. // step six: search pinterest for a how to make a burlap wreath...get distracted and spend two hours on pinterest. // step seven: cut burlap into squares. // step eight: fold square in half to make a triangle // step nine: fold triangle corners into the center (see above photo) // step ten: hot glue folded squares onto your wreath...stagger in sizes and space...glue until wreath is covered. // step eleven: hang your wreath and smile at your hard work. // step twelve: take wreath down one week order to put up your halloween wreath...keep wreath in garage until spring time...because once halloween is over your thanksgiving wreath goes up...and then the christmas wreath...and then the valentines day wreath. // step thirteen: re-evaulate how you spend your time and if you honestly needed yet another wreath. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

diy halloween tic tac toe

Confession: I'm super frugal.

I was at Target a few days ago I came across this super cute pumpkin tic tac toe game. It came with a huge price tag of $5. Instead of buying the game I thought to myself, can make this...and I just so happen to have the supplies at home...and with four children we don't need anymore stuff in our house...I mean seriously!? Where does all the stuff come from!? I swear its multiplying... 

Anyways, then I came home and whipped up this project. 

This project cost total of $1.50...and it honestly took about 10 minutes to make. 

I purchased the giant felt pumpkin last year at The Dollar Tree ( I am certain they have them again this year ) and I never quite new what to do with it. 

I also purchased one piece of white felt and one piece of black felt at $0.25 a piece. I cut four pieces of thin black for the lines and free handed 4 cat heads out of black. I used the white felt to cut a few ghost. I had left over pink felt , from another project, for the cat noses...but you could use white if you are cheap like me and don't want to buy another piece of felt. I cut out a few X's for the eyes of the ghost and I used a glue stick to secure the eyes and noses down.  

So there you have it, a simple and cheap Halloween project.

Would you ever make something like this? 
Or would you just have purchased the $5 game at Target? 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

precious moments // book giveaway

Precious  Moments. I used to collect these as a kid. Every birthday and major life event my mom would buy me a figurine. This adorable book is filled with Precious  Moment illustrations, scripture, and sweet bedtime stories. 

Want a chance to win a copy of this book? 

Leave a comment telling me did you ever collect Precious Moments? 

book giveaway // win or lose I love you

Win or Lose I Love You. This book is so sweet and anyone who hangs with small children...knows the battle that comes with anything that keeps score...or requires a winner or loser...or has any type of outcome. Ahem. Sometimes I find myself asking my small children can't we just play a game that doesn't have a score??? I mean, seriously. 

This book lets us know and teaches us that no matter win or lose...there is a way to handle either...and learn a life lesson.

So, do you know children? Do they ever play games? This book is for you. 

For a chance to win, tell me how to do handle/teach how to handle competition? 

Saturday, October 3, 2015


Who's ready for a book giveaway!!?? 

This book is so sweetly written and illustrated. One story for every day. 

What is your favorite story from the Bible? 

Comment below to enter. US residents only. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

may or may not.

I may or may not have had my gallbladder removed.

I may or may not feel so much better.

I may or may not have realized how badly I felt until I finely felt healthy.

I may or may not be able to eat sweets again...and bake again.

I may or may not really enjoy baking, I missed it.

I may or may not feel the opposite about cooking.

I may or may not love Mrs. Field's copycat chocolate cookie recipe.

I may or may not have made pumpkin bread this week too.

I may or may not have a sugar issue. By "issue" I mean I like it and I don't care how much of it  I eat. 

Anything you may or my not be up to?

P.S. Be a gem and check out this and this. Pretty please? With sugar on top?