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Monday, June 8, 2020

Homemade ice cream cones with Hiland Dairy!

This post is sponsored by Hiland Dairy but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

The times we are living in are interesting to say the least, so be sure to take the time to savor the simple moments and enjoy your family.

In this house we like ice cream. like liiiiiiikkkkkkeee ice cream! Hiland Dairy is our favorite ice cream brand!

Sometimes we like ice cream so much that we make our own ice cream cones!

You'll need:

15 chocolate cookies

1/4 cup of peanuts

ice cream cones

melted chocolate

your favorite Hiland Dairy ice cream

 In a food processor combine cookies + peanuts. Then set aside for later.

Next, melt chocolate and fill the bottom 1/4 of the ice cream cone with the chocolate. Reserve the rest of the chocolate for later.

Then fill your cone with your favorite Hiland Dairy ice cream! We love Moose Tracks, Cookie Overload ( which is what we used in these particular cones ) + plain vanilla.

Finally, dip your cones into reserves melted chocolate and then into the cookie mixture!! Freeze for about an hour before serving.

Pro tip: keep an eye on the children...they are known to sneak out to the freezer for samples.

Once cones are done gather up your loved ones and enjoy the sweetness of summer!  At the end of the day regardless of what is happening in the world family + ice cream can bring comfort and good conversation.

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Friday, April 10, 2020

Birthday letters (Lyla)

Happy birthday to the girl who is proof that God can turn your weeping into dancing + who's life is a testimony to Romans 8:28. To the girl who is always up for fun, she doesn't even need to know what the fun is...she's in. Happy birthday to the girl who is obsessed with all dogs...her dog...your dog...dogs on the internet...dogs on vacation...all.the.dogs. To the girl who is the quietest family member but has the loudest set of pipes, is known to be a late night snacker of veggies, and has all the feels. Happy birthday to the girl who is filled with compassion, and at the tender age of eight can tell you that she feels other's sadness. To the girl who is a great friend, refuses to watch anything sad, works smarter not harder, and will literally do anything to get out of cleaning. Happy birthday to the girl who loves all things blue, has my hair and her dad's eyes, and  possesses a fashion sense like no other. To the girl who is usually shoeless, loves all that encompasses nature, is constantly creating, adores staying up late and watching House Hunters International, will sleep 12 + hours a night and who needs the said sleep to be in a good mood, is a selfless sister, and a joy filled daughter. Happiest s of birthdays little one, you are so very loved-I pray you can feel how loved you truly are! I can not wait to see where God leads you Lyla girl. What do you say...🎵shall we get rich and give everybody nice sweaters and teach them how to dance? 🎶Xoxo. Mom. #lylagirl #eightisgreat #birthdayletters #theolivetreebirthdayletters #iloveherso

Skip day.

Skip day. Well, Lyla was sick...sick enough to not go to school but not sick enough to stay home. We took a country drive and ended up visiting a house I lived in when I was in jr. high. Then we visited a local Dairy Farm + bakery! We ended with Happy Meals and of course the baby needed a fry.

Snow day.

snow days! My favorite kind of day! Snow ball fights + hot chocolate. 

Birthday recap + ice day.

13!! It didn't go as planned, thanks to a Kansas City ice storm. I do mean ice, so much ice! We improvised and played outside, relaxed in a new beautiful room, and eat Chicken Parmesan for dinner. 

The next day we ventured down to the plaza to do a little shopping a finished the day with pizza and cream soda at Da' Bronx! 

Birthday letters (a few months late )

I officially have a TEENAGER! I'm so excited, I know...I all think I'm crazy...but I waited so long for this. #threeyearoldsarejerks #iwantahousefullofteens #askmeinafewyearsifistillthinkthisway If you know this girl personally or have watched her grow up on the gram...and more importantly if you are a praying person...please drop a word in my comments to pray over her during her teenage years! (I have a project invoking this-I will show you soon!) I personally, will be praying the word TRUST over her life- trust that God holds tomorrow, trust in his understandings, trust that his love is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Get the idea? Ok, where was I!?? ...birthdays letters! Happy birthday @elisabeth17_s ! I adore everything about you! Happy birthday to the girl who is kind + sensible + who always follows the rules. To the girl who works harder for her grades in middle school than I ever did in college. To the girl who is always willing to eat candy and go to the movies with dad. To the girl who would gladly take on the challenge to see how quickly we can binge watching all 9 seasons of The Office. To the girl who is game for a Target run, or doesn't mind reading the same book 3 summers in row (maybe this year we will finally finish Fudge Mania 😂), and is always willing to make great life choices and stay up extra know the kind of late when the rest of the house is silent...with me. #qualitytimeisherlovelanguage Happy birthday to the girl who is a loyalist #6, who loves Jesus and shines her light bright for him, and still loves fact she almost always has a hidden stash somewhere.To the girl who is a teensy weensy bit of a worry wart...the kind of worry that checks weather reports + warning flags at the beach + 100 percent won't let you near the  food unless you have confirmed that you have washed.your.hands. Happy birthday to the girl who is sweet, knows how to relax, enjoys the snow as much as the sunshine, made me a mom, and values tradition. I hope you know how loved you are! I know that God has a bright future planed for you! Xoxo. Mom 

Holy Week

t's Friday, but Sunday is coming!! We've been super intentional with Holy week this year, and it did not disappoint. Homemade palm branches and a lesson, a vintage car parade, basketball, walks and talks of dreams, bike rides, sunsets and magic light only God could muster up, many failed attempts to feed the horses, Seder plates and a lesson, full moons, more bike rides, more basketball, slip-n-slides, worship, resurrection rolls, serious tether ball games, and a virtual Good Friday service.