Monday, September 8, 2014

eric carle.

One of my favorite memories of Elisabeth is when she was about 3 years old and she was sitting on her bed "reading" The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Could she read at the age of 3...of course not...she just had all the pages memorized because we had read that book so many times. Her little tiny voice announcing "him was a big fat cappillar" makes my heart swoon. 

Our copy of Eric Carle's The Very Hungary Caterpillar is extremely loved on, it has been taped, stapled, and fixed more times than I can count. The same applies to our Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? book. Brown Bear, Brown Bear is one of my favorite books to use to teach my kiddos their colors. Three kids in, each kiddo of mine has loved and still loves Eric Carle's bright and vibrant illustrations and books. When Gymboree announced that they were teaming up with Eric Carle to launch a line of pj's and clothing featuring beloved book characters ... all I could think was...It's about time. 

After all what is cuter than littles in pj's...nothing...the answer is nothing.

In fact I put on this pj set on Lyla in the morning so I could basically take photos, and she refused to take them off all day long... I am fairly certain it was 90 degrees that day...girlfriend didn't care...she was not taking off the caterpillar.  You can check out the full line at Gymboree.

Also, have you checked out the FREE app from Eric Carle? So much cuteness!

*This is a sponsored blog post. I received compensation from Gymboree. The opinions and text are all mine.

p.s. Inspired by Eric Carle’s Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See, from 9/2-9/30, we will be hosting a photo contest, where we are encouraging parents to help their little ones take a picture of what they see. Entrants can submit a photo via Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or via our designated direct photo upload site, using the hashtag, #WhatDoYouSee.

Entrants of the #WhatDoYouSee contest will have the chance of winning one of ten Eric Carle gift baskets including: A House for Hermit Crab book, a signed copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar book, figurines, stickers, The Very Hungry Caterpillar Sippy Cup, Chunky Colored Pencils, Match and Munch Game, Place Mats Book, and Stage & Play (Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”) $144.99).

The winners will be announced at the end of the contest period, which is 9/30/14.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


So, here is the deal, my husband makes the most amazing pancakes ever. I love them so. When I was in college the campus used to shut down every Thursday for chapel, and being the good Christian girl that I am I used to skip chapel and go have homemade pancakes with the soon to be husband instead. 13 years later they still might be one of my favorite meals. When he makes them it is enough to feed an army, and we almost always ended up throwing some out or giving the leftovers to the dogs. Well that changed this summer, when I was casually talking with a friend  and she informed me that she saves her pancakes and re-heats them in the toaster, and sometimes she even freezes them. This information was life changing for me. We save our extra pancakes and pop them in the toaster for the next day...honestly they taste soooooooo good and have a nice little crisp which I enjoy.

Your welcome. 

Have you ever tried this?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

newborn picks.

We are about to welcome our fourth baby into this family, hopefully any day now. This is not our first rodeo, and lets face it babies can require a lot of stuff. Of course there are the big tickets items that will make life easier like the swings, slings, seats, baths, strollers, jogging strollers, monitors, the list is endless. The whole purchasing for a baby can be a bit overwhelming. It also seems to me that the second you buy that top of the line, safest, most researched item you can find they come out with something completely new. With that said I put together a very small list of newborn essentials I would want or would give as a gift. 

1.) a baby book // There are a lot of choices out there. Susan Branch's Baby Love it my all time favorite and I have never seen one quite like it out there. I picked this one out for Elisabeth, and ended up with two different books for Jude and Lyla. I ended up re-ordering this book for baby number four because I loved it soooooo much. The author really does a great job of making this book extra special with sweet sayings, lots of questions, and sweet tidbits for a parent to journal in. It also includes holidays and birthday pages up to age five. NOTE: for some crazy reason you can get this book HERE for less than $6.00.

2.) shampoo and lotion // Sure there are a lot of baby shampoos out there, and I am sure any would do...but I received a gift card to Noodles and Boo from my bloggy bff Susan when I was pregnant with Lyla..and I was hooked. I am totally, completely, over the top in love with the smell of this product. The smell screams baby. In all honestly a little goes a long way this travel set lasted me at least six months. Also, another bonus....natural and gentle ingredients.

3.) nightgown sleepers //  I don't care where you get these...just get them. These sleeper gowns make middle of the night changes a million times easier. The elastic bottoms just slip right on up for easy unzipping and unbuttoning and re-buttoning. Trust me when I say at 2AM when you are already sleep deprived changing a newborn can feel like an olympic event. Also, while I am on the subject of newborn clothes...keep about two outfits and return the joke...swap them out for bigger almost never take newborns out of sleepers and they grow out of the newborn size soooooooo quickly you won't be able to wear all those outfits. 

4.) swaddle blankets // Again it doesn't matter where you get these...just make sure they are big and you have a few...Swaddling can be a lifesaver with a newborn. Note: swaddle blankets are different than receiving blankets.

5.) 12 hours sleep by 12 weeks old // I tell everyone I know having a baby about this book. I realize that sleep training is not for everyone...but it was for me. I am a much better parent when I sleep. It is a lot of work and while "training" you will feel like you are sleeping less that you ever have but it does work. I used this book (with a little tweaking and adjustment per baby per needs) with all three of my kids and I am not lying when I say my oldest slept 8pm to 8am by 12 weeks, my middle (who was 5 weeks early and colic) slept 8pm to 7am by 10 weeks, and my youngest slept 9pm to 8am by 11 weeks of age. This book was a lifesaver for me. Again I do realize this is not everyone's thing, but it is at least worth looking into. Also, I liked this book because it is not a "cry it out method" you sooth baby, create a routine, ween out feedings, and provide baby with  the tools to go to bed happy and sleep through out the night. 

So tell me what are your favorite newborn items?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

share a blessing book review and giveaway!!

This has hands down been my favorite Tommy Nelson book review to date. Share a Blessing is such a sweet way to teach children how to love and serve others. Snail mail and a thoughtful note can go such a long way. Each page is an individual card/postcard style note. The book includes adorable stickers to personalize each message.

Want a chance to win a copy of this book? Just enter below....

Sunday, August 24, 2014

a science experiment.

Oh hey Viva Vantage you managed to help this pregnant lady keep her sanity this weekend. I love clean so, I was more that willing to do a post for Viva about how the product cleans. However we also decided to see how much we could stretch this paper towel. My kiddos and I had fun turning this paper towel into a fun and simple science experiment. 

You'll need:

weighted objects from around the house
glasses or cups

First off I got the Viva Vantage Paper Towel nice and wet and placed wet paper towel over a glass. Then I had my kiddos collect a few small objects to put to the test.  We ended up with a marble, bouncy ball, a lime, and gold nugget rock. We arranged the objects according to weight and started with the lightest to the heaviest.  Guess what? The WET paper towel held up with out breaking with all four objects. So with that said...the Viva not breaking sent my kids on a mad dash around the house to find objects that would break the towel. They used stuffed animals, little people, figurines, bubble gum, random objects, toys, until final they tried using one last product that finally caused the paper towel to break...that object was a vintage Nintendo Gameboy...which probably weighs a good pound or two. Needless to say this product defiently passes the stretch test using the V-Flex* Weave.

Also, I did manage to do a little cleaning with Viva Vantage and I must say I was impressed. Truth be told I don't buy a massive amount of paper an effort to be green. I don't usually clean with paper towel, because I have to use so much of it and it leaves those little tiny pieces of paper all over my mirrors and windows...that drives me crazy. That was sooooooo not the case with the Viva!! I cleaned my entire first floor windows inside and out, the back doors, the mirror in the bathroom...with ONE paper towel! Just check out the above photo the see the hold up after all that cleaning, and the towel left no little pieces behind on my nice clean windows...jackpot. 

A big thanks to Viva Vantage for sponsoring this post! Be sure to pick these up at your local Walmart during your next visit!