Wednesday, July 20, 2016

miracles from heaven.

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Miracles From Heaven is such a feel good, a moving story filled with faith and love. This is a movie your whole family will enjoy. Miracles From Heaven tells the events of the Beam family...mainly their daughter's journey through sickness...and more importantly her healing process. The movie is filled with touching scenes, extremely emotional scenes, and very uplighting scenes. The film follows Annabel and her mother Christie, and their search for answers. This story hits close to home for me in the sense of the mother daughter relationship because I have three daughters, and I also had son who had a few weeks stay at the hotel al la NICU when he was born. Having a child in the hospital is no fun. That life lesson taught me to love and savor the little moments and to never take health for granted.

I love the little moments in life that capture your heart, the ones you don't see coming. The ones that don't come in a big package, but in the form of catching fireflies, or reading books in a hammock. The moments that come in healing, laughing until you cry, and sticky syrup baby kisses. The memories that flood you so strongly you feel like your heart will losing your shoe in the snow while running up a hill to take a photo, watching your first born play on the ocean shore for the first time, finally getting to bring your baby home from the NICU. I'm thankful everyday for the little blessings God has given me. 

Life whispers, so listen closely. 

It really is a good life, and you don't need to look far to find that.

It is important to take time in this life, to spend real tangible quality with those you love. Having three daughters, it isn't hard to spend time with them in the form of a craft. 

We spent the sunny summer afternoon crafty up our very own totes. It was so easy and very affordable. 

You'll need:
totes ( new or re-use an old one0
iron on letters ( I picked mine up a Walmart, along with my DVD) 
poms (optional)
jewels ( optional ) 
ribbon ( any kind-I used sequence) 
hot glue gun
glue sticks 
plastic cats (J/K that's what Lyla wanted to glue on her bag #ohlyla) 

Step one: Iron the tote so you have a smooth surface to work with // Step two: design your tote, play around with the letters and decor // Step three: once you've decided on your design cut and peel back the plastic coating on the letters // Step four: iron letters on // Step five: hot glue embellishments on desired place. 

Be sure to pounce on the little moments of this good life, take the time to spend some quality time with your family...whether its doing a craft together...going to the park...playing a game...snuggling up and watching a movie...make the time.

Pick up Miracles From Heaven today, at Walmart...because when you do $1 of each purchase will go to Children's Miracle Network. 


Friday, July 15, 2016

IncrediBuilds + (giveaway)


 IncrediBuilds are soooooo cool! 

I received two IncrediBuilds, from Insight Editions in exchange for an honest review. These are such a neat product! 

The kits I reviewed had a recommended age of 10+ and 12+...honestly my 9 year old and 7 year old managed juts fine with my supervision. 

I really loved how after you model is complete you have free will to paint and our case I have a feeling the Eiffel Tower may or may not be decked out in glitter. 

These wood models are perfect for birthday presents, Christmas presents, and to bust summer boredom or winter blues. We spend an entire summer afternoon laughing and building our mini Eiffel Tower.

They cost around $20 (give or take) and unlike a traditional puzzle these can be keepsakes. They have multiple choices like...

Harry Potter
Nemo + Dory
Ninja Turtles
Captain America
Star Wars 

Also, no glue is needed and these are eco friendly. 

Would a product like this interest you?

Want a chance to win one? 

Leave a comment telling me which kit most interest you? 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Clean care.

Sponsored Post: This post is sponsored by Kimberly-Clark but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. 

The Clean Care Box is brought to you by Cottonelle, and it is currently available only at for $5! 

That's right, you'll receive everything shown in the photo above for only $5. This is a box valued at $25. This box is filled with quality name brand items like, Skinfix® lip balm, Skinfix® Ultra Rich Hand Cream, Cottonelle® Flushable Cleansing Cloths, Kleenex ® Brand goodies, and more. 

I think these fab little boxes would be great for so many reasons. A few of ideas being to...

*stock up on a few of these and give as little Christmas presents
*give to new mothers
*keep a few in your car and pass out when you see those in need
*send to military personel over seas
*use the goodies inside for stocking stuffers
*give a box as a birthday present
*keep a box in your car for travel
*keep a box handy for summer adventures
*stuff items inside of a diaper bag
*Purchase one and keep all the loot for yourself. :) 

These boxes are available in limited quantities, so hurry and grab a few HERE before they run out!!! 

What ideas do you have for this box?
Would you purchase something like this?

Look and Tell Bible {review and giveaway}


Book review and giveaway time!

As, alway a HUGE thanks to Tommy Nelson Mommy for sponsoring this post.

This post is such a cute way to introduce bible stories to early readers. The main bible stories are covered and...oh so...cutely illustrated. This book is extremely durable for those family members who might be a little rougher than others with words that are bound together. 

Want a chance to win a copy? {US residents only}

Leave a comment telling me what your favorite bible story is? 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

strawberry jam

Homemade jam, it's my jam yo. 

Homemade jam, or jelly, or preserves...isn't hard to make. 

Strawberries are in peak season right now, that also means they are cheap! I mainly stick to organic fruits and veggies, and in the middle winter organic strawberries are $6 + a pint...I refuse to buy them. My kids rejoice when strawberries are in season. My family of 6 can eat through a pint in one sitting. So, when the strawberries are rip and handy...I take advantage of the market and prepare a few jars of jam for the winter months. 

The average organic strawberry jelly can run you $4-$8...if you make it yourself it cost right around $2 a jar.  

I enjoy making my own jam for a few reasons.

I can control the ingredients.
I can control how much sugar goes in the jam.
I can opt. out of using pectin.

Want to make jam? 

You'll need:
pounds of fresh strawberries (washed and hulled) 
1/4 cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice
4 cups of sugar (yikes that is a lot of sugar-feel free to cut back to desired sweetness)

In a bowl smash berries until you have about 4 cups. In a saucepan mix strawberries, lemon juice, and sugar. Heat on low until sugar is dissolved, then turn the heat up to high. Bring mixture to a boil. STIR OFTEN, this needs to be babysat. This can thicken in 15mins or can take up to 45 just seems to depend on the batch for me. When this mixture starts to resemble jam, do the freezer test* on the berries. 

* place a few plates in the freezer // when berry mixture starts to thicken ( after about 15 mins of boiling ) place a teaspoon on the frozen plate and freeze for a minute // remove from freeze and run your finger through the strawberries...if the jam doesn't run together it's done...if it runs back together it isn't quite ready yet... cook the jam another 15mins and repeat the process until thicken.

Once jam is ready you can, jar it and give it a water bath to preserve freshness. If jam is going to be eaten right away no water bath is needed...just store in your fridge up to three months. 

Have you ever made your own jam? 
Would you ever try this? 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

South Sudan.

When I was five, I spent my summer days carefree, swimming until my heart was content, playing with dolls, begging my mom to get me candy and the local gas which she almost always said, yes.

My almost five year wants for nothing. She is happy and content. She is spirited and has a vibrant imagination. Her favorite pretend scenario is one in which she is marrying her main man, Chewbacca. She can take a hot bath every single day, she doesn't wonder where her next meal will come from, and she can safely play all day long. 

Meet Chianyal. 
She doesn't go to school.
Instead she cares for her younger sister.
She suffers from malaria and fevers. 


Meet Zeieya. 
She doesn't go to school.
Instead, she collects firewood.
She doesn't know what fresh water taste like.
She doesn't know safety.  


The five year olds in South Sudan attend school. They barely have clean water to drink, so they don't spend their summer days swimming. Their pretend play doesn't include multiple dolls or fantasizing about marring mythical creatures. Their pretend play includes clay figures and pretending they have real food to eat. Pretending they have food. I repeat pretending they have food to eat. 

Good thing is here to help these children.
CARE is a global organization...they help fight poverty and empower girls and women. 

On July 9th South Sudan turns 5.

Let's celebrate thier peace and make life better for these children.

$41- can provide 2weeks worth of clean water

$70 can provide a family with a crop kit, so they can grow their own food.

$150 can provide full nutritional support for a malnourished child.

What were you doing at 5 years old? Can you spare $41 a week? a month? about in a year? 


Monday, July 4, 2016

survival guide to mobile toddlers.


Say hello to, Brooklyn. She is in a busy stage of can see that because she is blurry in every photo. I might have one or two photos where she is in focus. She is always moving!! Toddlers have a lot of energy.

Brooke has three older siblings, two of those siblings play sports. She of course has to go to those sporting events, which means she has to sit in the stroller. In order for her to sit happily for an hour or two at a time, I must wear her out before hand.

If I know, ahead of time, that she is going to have to be strapped down...I make sure she is as active as she can be prior to that event.

{ these tips are also helpful before road trips, airplane rides, and eating out } 

How can you make a toddler active? ( as if they need help with that )

Have them sit in a "big girl/boy" seat at lunch instead of a highchair
Show them how to do a jumping jack and have them copy you
With the help of older siblings (or yourself) run to a designated spot (in our house we run to the end of the fence and back)
Kids yoga (I pull up videos on Youtube and my kids follow along)
Play "fetch" (kidda sorts lame, but it works) throw a ball and have your toddler retrieve the ball
Play a game of chase or tag
Have a dance party!!!!! Turn on some good tunes and shake your booty. 

Surviving the stroller:

Snacks and drinks are a these until baby/toddler becomes fussy
Toys-I keep a separate bag in the garage filled with toys to take to games, that way these toys seem new and stimulating.
Ice- ice has saved the day more than once-especially on hot days...babies like to eat it and play with it.

You must also have strong dependable diaper, like Huggies® Little Movers...this type of diaper can with stand a few hours with out needing to be changed. I change my baby right before the event starts and unless it is necessary I don't change them during the outing. I use Huggies at nighttime so I know it can with hold 10+ hours of substance. I am impressed with the thickness of the diaper and the stretchy sides...the fit never leaves mark on her hips and thighs...the way other brands can. Huggies® Little Movers can also stand the wiggles and movement of the "wearing out" mission prior to the stroller sitting. Brooklyn ran, tumbled, had a dance party and this diaper didn't slip or slide.

What are your tips for keeping an active baby/toddler entertained?

Want the BEST bang for your buck, pick up your Huggies® at Sam's Club! <---- a="" and="" are="" card="" check="" club="" could="" daipers="" free="" gift="" if="" link="" member="" nbsp="" offer="" on="" out="" p="" pick="" receive="" s="" sam="" service.="" shipping="" they="" this="" up="" win="" wipes...and="" you="">

<---- a="" and="" are="" card="" check="" club="" could="" daipers="" free="" gift="" if="" link="" member="" nbsp="" offer="" on="" out="" p="" pick="" receive="" s="" sam="" service.="" shipping="" they="" this="" up="" win="" wipes...and="" you="">
<---- a="" and="" are="" card="" check="" club="" could="" daipers="" free="" gift="" if="" link="" member="" nbsp="" offer="" on="" out="" p="" pick="" receive="" s="" sam="" service.="" shipping="" they="" this="" up="" win="" wipes...and="" you="">Coupon users save $3 HERE.