Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Game day + football DIY towels + Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® Mega Rolls.

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Who doesn't love getting together for fellowship and sporting events? 

I know I do. 

I usually create a quick to do list before the first kick off...I get together some decorations...and then I clean...crazy clean...and I pay extra attention to the bathrooms...the last thing I want is to have house guests over with a messy bathroom...gross. The mirrors get cleaned...the floors get swept...the toilet gets scrubbed...and I stock up on hand towels...tissues...and of course Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® Mega Rolls. You never want to have a toilet paper shortage with a party! I prefer Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® Mega Rolls because they are 4 rolls in 1 which means they last longer...which means less roll changes...these mega rolls last so long...I don't have to change them during a party...and therefore I have less to worry about...and I can enjoy my day. 

While I was stocking up the bathroom with the essentials...I decided to put together a quick game day DIY. 

I wanted to add a little football fun to my bathroom.

I headed to Target to pick up my Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® Mega Rolls...while I was there I purchased two hand towels...a green..and a black. I happen to already have ribbon at home so I used what I had (but you can pick up any style of ribbon you'd like).The only other things I needed was my hot glue gun for this fun and simple craft!

I was going for a football field look with the green towel...and a referee shirt style with the black towel.

First I cut the length of my ribbon to be the length of my towels...I happen to have ribbon that had rulers...but plain white would work too. I laid out the white side up on the black towel to look like referee stripes...and I laid the white ribbon with the ruler side up on the green towel to look like a field.

Once I had the length I needed I used a lighter to burn the ends of the ribbon so it wouldn't fray!


I decided that I was only going to use these towels for decoration and game I chose to hot glue the ribbon down. If you were wanting to use these for a football themed bathroom, I would suggest sewing the ribbon down for longer last.

That's it! This craft took about 20 mins to complete...and now I'm ready for any game day!


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Monday, January 16, 2017

10. {birthday letters}


Dear Elisabeth, 

I can't believe you're ten. TEN! Double digits...excuse my while I cry for a moment. 

You kid are awesome. You make parenting really easy. You listen and always do what you are asked the first time. You are kind and think of others. You love gum, bun-bun, and have replaced your liking of princesses with all things emoji. 

You are an amazing sister...and in fact if you ask your siblings they all name you as their favorite. Your my Hallmark movie watching buddy...and I know dad is glad he always has someone who is willing to go on a bike with him.

You love movies...and PJ's all day long...and value tradition. You're smart...probably one of the best spellers I know. 

You care for others...and I love your heart to serve...don't ever stop that...the world needs more of you...but remember that you can care for others with out placing huge stock in what others think...there is a difference don't mix to two up. 

You are equal parts fish and snow bunny. You enjoy  snuggling, candy, not eating vegetables, hanging out with your cousins and quality time. 

You have a hunger for the word of God and musical talent...use that for his kingdom. Put God first and seek him...I mean really seek him...and all else will fall in line.

I can't wait to see where this life takes you. Whatever you do I know you'll be lovely at it. 


Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas recap.



Christmas recap // finally healthy // sing at the movies // some of our family members are not going back to the movies for a very looooooong time // fog and rain // awwww man if it had been cold this would have been snow!! // cheered on the dolphins // wrapped a few more present in silence // threatened to give Harvey to Santa if he didn't stop barking // got fancy for church // why are you fancy for church but not fancy all the other days? - Lyla to me #geethankskid // sneaking chicken nuggets into church...ok and French fries too // listening to kids sing  // Going through 20 nuggets in like 5 mins // little girls how had to sit in the lobby // off to grandma's house! // dinner and name tags // finally the ball game...we've been waiting for this all day! // presents and happy kids // only one more sleep!!!// setting our siblings presents // being excited to give // IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!! / Lyla wake up its Christmas! // Merry Christmas Lyla! // Merry Christmas...goes back to sleep // Lyla wake I'm still sleepy // the only four year old who didn't want to wake up Christmas morning // talking about Jesus and the reason for the season // opening presents slow and enjoying the morning // open more present each // it's's's a...SKYE! //  A DOC MCSUFFINS PUSH CART! I love it. // AGGGGGG! A Hatchimal! // I can't look...a PlayStation! // thanks mom and dad! // playing in bliss // Snoopies and stuffed dogs // pie face // bagels and hot chocolate...ok and ten thousand pounds of candy // grandmas house and cousins // a sleepover in mom and dads room...and being scared of dinosaurs...a very long talk about how dinosaurs are dead // sleep tight + sleeping through the night (thanks Brooke for the best Christmas present ever...a full nights sleep ) // 

donuts + plaza lights


🎵 oh it's Christmas in Kansas City...and the plaza lights are looking preeeeetttty 🎵 it wouldn't be Christmas if we didn't see the lights at least was freezing...and we loaded up on donuts before was lovely.  

snow day

ice that turned to snow // late school drop offs // streets that turned into an ice skating rink // a pantry full of food // snowed in...or more like iced in // using the side walk to slide down //watching cars get stuck...just stay home people! //  being the only one outside // learning Brooklyn doesn't like the snow // sledding // hot chocolate pulled with whipped cream and chocolate chip...cause everyone knows snow day calories don't count // warm comfort food // sledding again // family time // snow day from school December 19th 2016  // artic blast // 

trees + snow + road trips

holiday story time lets go! // story time is about to start meet us over there // 3 minutes later...story time is over // that was the fastest story time ever! // play land // where's Santa? // I'm hungry // the big tree // snow! // playing in the snow // a massive tree in the snow // jumping my photo // I'm starving // let's eat // road trip // sick kids // I don't think I should go they don't feel good // I can't believe you aren't going to go. // ok I'll you're not invited anymore // awwww come on...I want to go // nope. // please? / no. // well I'm going...come on guys lets go! // McDonalds for lunch // pick out a movie // can't decide what movie to watch // finally Brooks is asleep // arrive to destination // ready for the Christmas pageant // girl in tight dress // knocked a few thing over in the lobby...we were politely shown a room where we "could hang out" // mean nursery workers // cute cousins // one slice of pizza for 500 kids // funny skits // good times with adults // amazing vocal and the presence of the Holy Spirit // finally it's took forever! These people were mean!...even Elisabeth got in trouble and that never happens! // time to head back home // monopoly with cousins // we need a tree // all the tree lots are sold out // let's go find our own tree // found a tree // cut it down // took it home // decorated it // the end.