the olive tree

Monday, February 18, 2019

Birthday letters (about a month late)

Happy birthday to the girl who made me a mama! To the girl who loves gum, candy, gum, and more gum. Happy birthday to the girl makes straight A's and works really hard to earn those merits. To the girl who loves to swim, will pass on cake, but finds it perfectly ok to eat ice cream when it's 12 degrees outside. Happy birthday to the girl who is truly beautiful inside and out. To the girl who is a great sister, is naturally kind, and is funny. Happy birthday to the girl who tends to be a snow bunny but equally hates to see summer fade. To the girl who is still a night owl, loves to sleep in, and watching movies is her jam. To the girl who puts quality time at the top of her list, fancies Twilight and Katniss Everdeen, reads her devotion every night, and will be a Dr. Pepper fan for life. Happy birthday to the girl who shines her light bright for Jesus, taught herself how to play the piano, and is adored by her family. @elisabeth17_s happy 12th birthday sweet girl! You are so very loved! Xoxo. Mom.

Monday, January 7, 2019

a 60 degree day in January

60 degree days in January are good for the soul! // big breakfast // let's go outisde! // cleaning out the garage // skates // chalk // paint guns // let's make a movie! // diy side walk chalk // Mr. Bojangles and his fear of collars + leashes // Archie poo who's scared of nothing // bikes // bike rides // amazing sunsets // chicken + shrimp on the grill // fire pits // baths + snuggles //

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Years Day!

We were in Tulsa for a beautiful + fancy wedding, while there we were encouraged to check out The Gathering Place. This park was worth all the hype! Slides, swings, castles, and more! We would have stayed longer but we only had 3 coats, random gloves left in our car, and layers of yesterdays clothes to keep us warm. We played and then stopped into the cafe to indulge in ice cream ( as if we weren't cold enough) popcorn + coffee. The coffee didn't compare to the amazing-ness of the coffee served at the wedding, so we jumped in the car + hunted that shop down and purchased one more cup of joe before headed back home .We only had to make 17 bathroom breaks on the way home, so our trip was a little longer than on the way there. We stopped at the famous Will Rogers truck stop...only to fin 3 of the 4 bathrooms closed. We spent 25 minutes waiting for a turn so we decided to treat oursleves to some french fires.

New Years Eve wedding!

tutus // barrowing fancy necklaces from mimi // rode trips! // lunch with cousins // oklahoma state sign // hotel check in // lets get fancy! // got to the wedding on time! #winning // visiting the tent // DON'T TOUCH THE CANDLES // i'm not kidding, for the love stay away from the candles! // what's that smell? // something is burning // oh! it's my coat! // all is well // hugs from family // time to sit down // violin music // i'm hot // shhhh it's almost starting // i have to pee // for real? // the wedding starts in 3 mins // a race to the bathroom home alone style // that's better // made it just in time // here comes the bride // she's so beautiful! // i see harper + olive // vows // i do // party time // amazing food, company, and dancing // it's almost the new year! // 5...4...3...2...1 ! // happy new year! RABBIT RABBIT! // bedtime.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Christmas Day 2018

a smaller christmas // more thoughtful gifts // as always giant stuffed animals // nutcrackers with hand written messages // stockings stuffed // music playing in the background // freshly brewed coffee // how did you know? // just what they wanted // hashbrowns and sausage for breakfast! //  a switch! a new controller + head set + playstation card! makeup + high heels + fancy dresses times two // christmas morning mess...the most beautiful mess there is // clean up time // lunch at grandmas // time to go home // one last present // christmas day bliss // sleepover + a movie //

Union station.

skipping the afternoon of school + exploring the city // santa! // whisper wishes // the holiday train // union station all a glow // da bronx // outside playgrounds with magic sun and twinkle lights // let's see the best view of the city! // so many stairs! // time to go home //

Christmas Eve 2018

christmas eve // feeling ill // last minute shopping // brunch with the grandparents // presents + games // getting fancy! // ready for church! // oh come let us adore him! // candle light // preventing a small child from setting her dress + someone else hair on fire! // homemade spaghetti  // that's a good meatball // laughter + games // tiny hands // heads up! // one more sleep! // stockings stuffed + tree filled // finishing up doll house, a christmas story marathon, and love notes on nutcrackers // cookies + dr. pepper for santa // one more sleep!!