Tuesday, June 30, 2015

No bake 4th of July treat.

Are looking for a fun and festive treat idea for the Fourth of July? Well, look no further.

You'll need: 
One tub of Kozy Shack chocolate pudding 
12 fancy looking serving cups
Whipped cream* (store bought or home made) 
Red, white, and blue toppings 

This recipe was so simple and it requires no cooking! This treat was also ready in about five minutes. First, fill your cups with chocolate pudding. Then top with whipped cream. Finally top with patriotic colored toppings.  The total cost for about 12 of these is right around $6.00...that's $0.50 a serving for about 5 minutes worth of work! 

be sure to keep refrigerated 


*for homemade whipped cream, blend 1 cup of heavy cream with 1 tablespoon of sugar until fluffy

p.s. be sure to check out Kozy Shack on FB and Instagram for offers, deals, giveaways, and coupons.

Friday, June 26, 2015

art work magnets.

My kids bring home are work by the thousands. Their art work covers the front, and the sides, of our refrigerator. Sometimes, they catch me sneaking some of it into the recycling bin...

I was looking for a way to save some of my favorite pieces without having to display art work the size of my body all over the house. I could frame them, and I have made clothes string lines in their rooms to clip and showcase the ones they love. I was in the need to make them smaller, to strink them. Enter, Tiny Prints. 

I used, Tiny Prints, to turn a few of my favorites from this year into magnets. I love the way they turned out! They turned out fun, colorful, and just the right size. 

Now, I can use the magnets to hang up more art work. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

frozen bananas.

It's summer, it's hot, and the kids are bored. This frozen treat is perfect for beating the heat, and simple enough to allow small children to help you without testing the limits of your sanity. 

You'll need:
bananas ( I prefer organic ) 
peanut butter ( I again prefer organic ) 
melted chocolate ( which ever you prefer ) 

First, you'll need to melt the chocolate. While the chocolate is melting, slice the bananas and add a small amount of peanut butter to the top. Then, dip each slice in melted chocolate and freeze for about an hour. If your feeling up to it you can top with sprinkles before freezing. 

All joking aside...this snack was easy to make...my kids had fun making it...and it was nutritious with a touch of chocolate...an all around win. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

mezzetta + sandwiches.

It was brought to my attention that I don't really cook that often, but I do assemble quite frequently.

Apparently the best thing I cook assemble are sandwiches. You can save your self a lot of money by making deli style sandwiches at home. 

You should really start off with a great, fresh, homemade style bread. You'll need a few meats (or hearty vegetables) of your choice. I enjoy tomatoes and thinly sliced onions drizzled with olive oil and red wine vinegar, and then sprinkled with salt and pepper. A white cheese is always a staple on my sandwiches, and if it's in season fresh arugula from the garden goes on this dish as well. 

I make my own dressing and apply it to both sides of the bread. I mix together a tablespoon of mayo, mustard, horseradish, olive oil, and a dash of salt and pepper. 

Finally for a bust of flavor and a real deli appeal...top sandwich with Mezzetta banana peppers. This offers a hint of spice and color. 

There you have it. Deli sandwiches at home and for half the price.

Mezzetta is offering a coupon and a giveaway found HERE!

Weekend recap.

weekend recap // turned 32 // road trip and no cleaning // pizza, garlic knots, and cinnamon knots // brooklyn by a brooklyn sign // gage park, a train ride, and playgrounds // jumping photos and i'm a baby joey! // the state Capitol // seeing the senate and house in action // 34 stars on the flag // news reporters and the everything family // missing the dome by 15 mins // washington through lincoln street // tiffany stained glass windows // coffee and smoothies // bubble gum and winning tickets // ice cream cake and a win for the cardinals //  lazy sunday's and I doubt it // 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Win $2000 for a cause of your choice.

Have you entered to win $2000 for a local cause of your choice?? 

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Who would you nominate? 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

how to tie dye an american flag pattern.

How to tie dye an American flag pattern. Todays post is brought to you by Blueprint social and I Love to Create. I found this pattern actually quite easy and I think using a full shirt wouldn't be any more difficult. 

I again started off with one white t-shirt and cut it down to a rectangular shape. I sectioned off the top in a small square, to start working on the blue part of the flag. I gathered a few pebbles and rubber-banded them in what would be the blue section. I then, took one big rubber band and gathered the square and sectioned it off. 

Next, I started working on the stripes. I basically gathered the rest of the material into one long row and started rubber-banding where the stripes would be. Then, I used the blue Tulip dye to make the blue part of the flag. I tried my best to leave the pebbles white. Finally, I used the red Tulip dye to make the rest of the flag. I made sure to leave plenty of white for the stripes to appear. I allowed the dye to sit overnight.

The Tulip squirt bottle made this project so easy and mess free! The tie dye kit offers gloves which means NO dyed hands!

Rinse and wash according to package and your done!

Have fun tie dying your summer

For a fun tie dye video click HERE.

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