Saturday, April 30, 2016

birthday recap(s).

turning 4 // birthday party in the back yard // beautiful weather // no school // hammocks // jump houses // a fancy girl blue glitter chewy cake // playing with cousins // a new baby stroller // fire and s'mores // tu-tu dresses and new hats // birthday donuts // lunch at da'bronx // pizza and soda // off to get baby suzie // baby suzie!!!! // dairy queen and dinner // a movie and a pink baby suzie // waiting for easter morning //  i'm not four until i blow out the candles // 

turning 7 //  backyard camp out and sleep over // baseball game victory // casey's pizza // sam's club // a baseball cardinal cake // beautiful weather // cousin sleep over // 1:30 am bedtime 5:30 am wake up // coffee // church // a president book and donuts // skipping school // main event // no hands and knocking down al the clowns // football cup and goodies // slushies and chips // the sandlot // championship game and medals // celebrating at DQ // so you want to be president? // sweet dreams and sleepovers // 

Monday, April 25, 2016

glittered candle.

There is a certain four year that lives in my house, and she loves all things glitter...and sparkly...and bling...and glamourous.

She informed me that for her fourth birthday she wanted, and I quote... " a fancy blue glitter sparkle Chewy cake. "

I did my best to honor the birthday girls wishes.

What better way to doll up a cake than with a glittered candle?

It was pretty easy too.

You'll need:

A numbered candle
Mod Podge
glitter ( I used Martha Stewart's Holiday TM glitter in yellow gold )

I painted the candle with Mod Podge and then brushed a TON of glitter on the top. I blew off the excess glitter and filled in any spots that looked bare. I allowed the candle to dry and then applied a top coat layer of Mod Podge...that way glitter didn't fall all over the cake. 

That's it. This DIY literally took me about five minutes to make. 

Would you ever try something like this? 

Shatto milk caps.

I have this lovely local milk company...that offers the BEST these fancy old fashion glass bottles. The milk comes is all types of flavors and I even have to return the glass bottles for a deposit....swooooooon. They do not however need or take back the tops. 

I decided to re-use those bottle caps. 

All of my children, when they were younger,  seem to have had a love of dumping and filling things. They also all loved pulling out all the wipes from the wipe container. good times, good times. 

So, I decided to put those loves to use, and create a homemade way to entertain my small children.

You'll need:

an empty wipe container

Simply empty out the wipe container and allow the child to push the caps through the top. Once they have pushed the caps through the top...they can't empty the container and fill it again. This activity offers at least 15 mins of quiet play in my house. 

You can also go one step further and have an older child sort out the caps by color. Fun and educational??? #winning 

There you have it, a fun activity using items you most likely already had around your house. 

Would you ever try this? 

Friday, April 22, 2016

other mothers + love pop.

You know the saying, It takes a village?

It really, really, really does...when it comes to being a Mom.

I have soooooo many women in my life, not just my own mother, that have helped me with this journey called parenting.

I am not the type of mama who shies away from advise when it comes to my children.

If you're a mama and you have knowledge that might be useful to me pleeeeeeaaaaassssee share it with me...don't hold out. Potty training? Feeding? Behavior issues? Sleeping issues? Please, oh please, share with me what worked for you. 

I remember very vividly the first time I reached out to another mama. It was day three, I repeat day three, into being a mom with my first child. It was newborn was screaming...she wouldn't nurse...and I was crying. My husband called his sister...not really knowing what else to do...she being a mother of two already...very calming talked me into giving her a bottle. She assured me that it was ok to supplement, that she would be just as healthy with formula, that most likely she was crying because she was hungry. She told my husband exactly where to go and what to buy at the store, all the while reassuring me that I was in fact doing a good job. Guess what? She was right, I gave my newborn a bottle and she drank the whole thing...and slept six hours straight. 

I often call my own mother and ask her questions. My mother-in-love is basically my go to for all things medical. My friends often offer fantastic help, advise on discipline, potty training tips , and more.

As I stated in the really does take a village. 

Be sure to show all those important mamas in your life they mean something to you with a Love Pop card this Mother's Day.  You can create custom cards and each card is hand assembled! 

You can also nominate all the mother's in your life...for a fantastic contest HERE.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

book review + giveaway

I have really grown to love spring! I love how the world wakes up from winter. I love having the windows open, seeing the flowers bloom, and more daylight. I also find spring to be a renewing time to spent in God's presence. 

Want a chance to win a copy of this sweet book? 

Tell me do you like spring? If so what is your favorite part?

book review + giveaway

Book review + giveaway. I AM ( Forty Reasons to Trust  God ) by Diane Stortz and Illustrated by Diane le Feyer. This book is so very lovely and the illustrations really pop off the page! This book offers such a neat way to share scripture, devotions, and prayers. 

Want a chance to win a copy for you or someone you love? 

{ open to US residents only } 

Leave a comment telling me a reason you trust in God. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

birthday letters.

Happy birthday to my son, my only son. Happy birthday to the boy who was born 6 weeks early, who cried all the live long day for the first 10 months of his life, and to the boy with sea glass colored eyes. Happy birthday to the quietest and most chill family member, to the boy who loves donuts, and wants a real life Wipeout course in his backyard. Happy birthday to the most intelligent family member, to the boy who knows aaaaaalllllll there is to know about presidents, states and their capitals, and is  the process of learning all the counties...for fun. Happy birthday to my little realist, to my early riser, and to the kid that has me asking Siri before I answer his variety questions. Happy birthday to the boy who will very honestly tell you who his favorite sister is, and is happy being the only boy because that means he can have dad all to himself. Happy birthday to the boy who adores Dude Perfect, jumping off things,  and American Ninja Warrior. Happy birthday to the boy who looks forward to Survivor and pizza night, can really hit a baseball, and who is freakishly strong. Happy birthday to the boy who loves adventure but equally loves to be at home. Happy birthday to the boy who gave his heart to Jesus and really contemplates the word of God. Happy birthday to the boy who will be a life long Cardinal and Dolphin fan. Happy birthday to the boy who loves baseball, and pumpkin bread, and board games, and has some sick dance moves. Happy birthday to my lefty, to my tender hearted kid, and to my champion hugger. 

Happy birthday Jude! Mom and Dad love you oh so very much and we can't wait to see how God uses your intelligence, love for travel, and your tender heart.