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Monday, September 26, 2016

lil' Beanies.

This post is sponsored by Gerber but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.


lil' Beanies are gobbled up in my house! Let me just tell you...they are liked by more then just my toddler and four year.

If you haven't heard of Gerber® Lil’ BeaniesTM they are a baked snack made with navy beans...they are also GMO free. They provide 2g of protein, vitamin E, and have less than 1g of sugar. These are preservative free, have no artificial flavors or colors, and they actually taste great! 

Confession: I seek these out before I start my shopping trip at Walmart...I open them up...and I allow my toddler to eat them while I shop...don't worry I pay for them at the end of the trip.

Suuuuuuuuuuuure I could just buy some ahead of time and take them with me to the store...but the trouble with that is they don't seem to last that long. As soon as these are seen...they are spoken for...and eaten up. 

Besides...if you have ever taken a toddler to the feel me...and understand the importance of snacks...because if your kid is snacking...then they can't...oh you know...for random example...pull everything they see off the shelves...or stand up in cart...or scream...or demand that you let them hold anything and everything that has Elsa and Anna on know in case your kids does that sort of thing.

Tell me have you ever tried lil' Beanies?

Would you ever try these? 

If you are interested in trying this fab snack sure to click HERE for an Ibotta offer at Walmart.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Pull-Ups + Huggies.

This post is sponsored by Kimberly-Clark but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Huggies®, Pull-Ups®, and GoodNites® available at Walmart Neighborhood Market®...I can honestly say I pick up all three of these products up every time I shop. 

I have four would think I'd be a potty training expert! 

I am not.

I have learned in my last 9 years that each child moves at their own pace. I've had one child who potty trained in a day...but in elementary school still needs GoodNites®...I have had a kiddo that took forever to potty train during the day...but once they did...they never needed another diaper...ever.  My youngest prefers to remove all her clothing and diaper...and then go to the bathroom...on the a dog...I'm not even kidding...good times, good times. While, each child will move to the next step when they are ready...I have learned a few things to help make the transitions easier...

Make potty training exciting! 
Throw a potty party - decorate the bathroom...make it a big deal!
Get some potty books from the library.
Watch Bear in Big Blue House Potty Chair song (or the whole potty show).
Keep Huggies® wipes on hand- these are the best quality...and bathroom situations can be...ehem...messy.
Pull-Ups® are a must- they are easy to get on and off and help in case of an accident. 
GoodNites® are also a staple - until potty training through the night is set...other types of diapers did not cut it in my house at bedtime.
Encourage family members to talk about the potty.
Create a potty chart - place a sticker every time the child sits on/uses the towards a reward. 
Keep chocolate/candy around...reward your child for at least trying.

I also like to create a little tray or bin to take into the bathroom with us. Most toddlers have a short attention span...I always needed something to keep them occupied...because if they don't have something to do...they may or may nor resort to unraveling the toilet paper roll...again good times, good times. I like to keep a few toys, markers, paper, Pull-Ups®Huggies® wipes, potty training books, and stickers for the potty chart. This helps your potty-trainer feel in charge...they can carry in their own little case filled with potty time goodies. 


Be sure to head to your local Walmart Neighborhood Market®. and pick up Huggies®, Pull-Ups®, or GoodNites® today!! You will find great prices at your Walmart Neighborhood Market at the same price as Walmart supercenters.

Need help finding your local Walmart Neighborhood Market® just click HERE.

For coupons and savings be sure to check out these links >> Huggies®, Pull-Ups®, or GoodNites®

Cottonelle FreshCare + Sam's Club.

Sponsored Post: This post is sponsored by Cottonelle but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.


Sam's Club...are you a member?

If not, you should be.

There are so many perks! Free shipping, free is store pick up, samples, great deals, exclusive products, samples, a quick meal, amazing soft pretzels, and oh samples. 

I'm not even kidding when I say my two year squeals with delight when we approach the club. She lives for Sam's fact we took her there for her second birthday because it's one of her favorite places. 

Sam's has a great organic selection, the price of milk can't be beat, and they offer tons of everyday used products. 

Products like Cottonelle

I adore Cottonelle FreshCare...these babies come in handy when...ehem...potty "training"...I used quotation marks because potty training sometimes consist of my toddler doing her business and then removing her diaper and running around the house....good times, good times. (not.) 

You'd think with four children I'd be a potty training expect...I am not. 

Potty training is a messy business.

FreshCare helps. When you buy in bulk you can keep them pretty much everywhere...the package size is can tuck them in the bathrooms drawers...toss them in your purse...the more the better. I love the thickness these wipes provide (for obvious reasons)...I love the new Rigid flip top...and I looooooooove that they are flushable. Cottonelle® FCC and how it is designed with CleanRipple® Texture to clean better.

Be sure to visit your local Sam's Club today and pick up Cottonelle FreshCare today...don't forget to grab some samples while you're there. :) 

Book giveaway.


Book giveaway time!!!!

Fall is almost here...I mean I couldn't tell by the 90 degree weather...but none the's almost here.

I adore fact the only reason I live in a state with because of fall.

I got the chance to review the book One Big Turkey...Brooklyn loooooooooooves this book! Lyla enjoys counting what needs to be counted on each page. The illustrations are adorable and the animals appeal to children...I have read this book at least once a ay since it showed up at our door step.

Want a chance to win a copy?

Leave a comment telling me what you favorite part about fall is??

A huge thanks again to Tommy Nelson for sponsoring this post!!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

apples + elisabeth.

Time is a chump, right?

I was scrolling through some old photos...and photos are a visual slap in the face reminder that the days are long but the years are short.

This girl has grown so much over the last 9 years.

I am so proud on the young lady she is becoming.

She's sweet, funny, positive, helpful, friendly, and just such a joy to be around.

I do wish I could freeze time...or turn it back a bit so I could kiss and squeeze those tiny cheeks.

I love her so.

Thursday, September 8, 2016


Dear Brooklyn,

....aka Brooks, Brooke the Cook, Cookers, Cookies, Brookie, Brookie Poo...

Tomorrow you turn two!!! These two years have flown by. You are so darling and cute...which is a good thing are kind of bite...pull hair...your favorite pass time is to pinch. You smile and say, "I pinch." You are the youngest of you're probably not really are just trying to be heard...get your point across. Get your point across you do. I thought your sisters were strong willed...I was wrong...I think God chuckled at my thoughts...smirked and said...."Oh you haven't seen anything yet." the force is strong in you...which I like...that means one day you'll be a won't be pushed around...and you'll make things happen. 

You are a great eater!!! You loooooove almost anything...what you don't like you feed to Harvey.

You are a terrible sleeper. The worst actually. I think you might have slept 4 whole nights since Christmas...which is weird because you slept through the night from 10 weeks of age until then. It boggles my mind. You have these  mad ninja like sneak into my bed...I don't hear you...or feel you...I just roll over and there you are. I pick you up and take you back to your room. You smile and say, " I love you so much, Mama." melts my heart...every time. 

You love to go to Sam''s like your favorite thing...One day we were headed there and realized we didn't have our we had to turn around and drive back cried and cried, "I wanna samples!!!" It was funny...and cute. 

You love doooooooowg,Harvey, Be-Beth, Lyla, Ju-Ju, and of course Dad. 

You are so independent. 

You hate clothes...any chance you get you remove them.

As of will only wear swimsuits. Every morning you wake up...throw a swimsuit at me...and say, "Put on my swimsoup." recently discovered your sisters swim cap and dig wearing those too.

You fancy shoes...I think you own more shoes that the whole family combine. No shoe is off think they are all yours....oh and the same theory applies to toothbrushes...all are game...I'm fairly certain you have used everyone's toothbrush at least once. 

You love swimming, baths, dancing, all things Frozen, side walk chalk, and swinging.

You are so cute and funny! Such a little ham!!! If we laugh at eat it up! 

You have eyes that shine, like a pair of stolen polish dimes...dimples like dad...cute tiny teeth...and you usually smell like watermelon lip balm...or dads just depends on which one you got into that day.

I love you so much...I feel like might heart might explode sometimes.

I can't wait to see how this will of yours will be used. You will be a difference maker. I know God will do mighty things in your life.