Friday, November 10, 2017

Weekend recap (November)


Lyla’s last soccer game was canceled (to which she responded with happiness) and replaced with an end of the year celebration. This free up our Saturday. The foliage was peak and the weather was lovely. We decided to cash in our free tickets to the zoo. children do not like the zoo. They neve have. They look at a few in the on the park...and then complain the rest of the time. 

We haven’t been in over two we decided to give it another go.

Welllllllll. The grounds were stunning! The colors of the tree were breathtaking! We saw the monkeys...dreamed of owning baby goats...played on the parks...and then...per usually our moral started to decline and Little’s started to complain...after just an hour of being there. I took a photo of Brooklyn whining on the bridge for proof. 

We mustered through African...saw no lions...discussed how hippos eat other hippos babies...and bee lined it home.

It was still a great memory despite all the complaints. They adored feeding the goats...sliding down the tree slide...and the sea otter show! will probably be a few years before we venture to the zoo again.

Halloween + Fall walks.

A unicorn, a monkey man, Dorthy, and Skye. // Goonies party + Walker party + pumpkin carving // a dog, a unicorn, Skye, and a baseball with a knife // a stomach bug // sickness // feeling better // fall parties // last soccer games // crisp walks with Samson // picking the last of Summer...our lilacs + Hydrangeas // trick or treating in snow flurries! // can’t remember the last time it snowed on Halloween // brrrrrrr // 


A birthday party that required a trip to a city that just so happened to House our favorite BBQ joint // good eats // walks around around the ground // fun in the leaves // try to catch one! // exploring old hotels // views that gangsters once saw // Truman’s room // off to the party // looking for a carnival // no carnival this week // better get home and walk our puppy // 


Friday fun day...filled with no and Jesus in the morning...a pancake breakfast...a trip to Chuck’ abundance of candy...a walk around the lake...leaf beaten paths...talks about how God is a better artist than Bob Ross (😂)...tree climbing...a fall or two...a worn out puppy...gas station pizza...and Survivor. #itwasagoodday #fullheart #fallinthemidwest #walkingtrails #smithvillelake #jumpingphoto #exceptlylasheboycottedjumping

Thursday, November 9, 2017

DIY magnolia wreath.

Magnolia wreaths are all the rage...currently!! They also happen to be kinda pricey...

So....I decided to make my own...and share with you  a super simple DIY magnolia wreath. If you can use a glue gun you can make this. 

STEP ONE:  have a friend who has a magnolia tree // STEP TWO: be sure to have that same friend offer FREE tree branches to anyone who wants them // STEP THREE: quickly send her a hands up emoji and tell her you want them! STEP FOUR: have supplies dropped off and begin cutting off the leaves // STEP FIVE: forget to plug in the glue gun...plug in and wait for it to heat // STEP SIX: pick up wire wreath thingy from you local Dollar Store...this should probably have been like step four or something // STEP SEVEN: hot glue three leaves together at a time // STEP EIGHT: ask your toddler nicely to NOT touch the glue gun // STEP NINE: put your project on hold to pick up children from school // STEP TEN: get back to glueing leaves // STEP ELEVEN: explain to your puppy that magnolia leaves are NOT treats! // STEP TWELVE: inform all children present that the hot glue gun is NOT a toy // STEP THIRTEEN: stop project to cook dinner // STEP FOURTEEN: return to project to find that your naughty puppy ignored your commands and ate a few leaves and branches // STEP FIFTEEN: clean up your pups mess // STEP SIXTEEN: glue leaves down on your wreath until desired thickness is visible // 

See what I mean?? 

Super simple...and you saved yourself  $ may have burnt your fingers a few times...tested your sanity...and had a huge mess to clean up after your puppy went to town on your supplies...buuuuuuutttt hey!! saved yourself $50. 

STEP SEVENTEEN: be sure to gift your friend, who blessed you with magnolia branches, with a homemade wreath.

I sprayed a preserver on my wreath...a month later it has held up doesn’t have a bright green color like it started out with...but still looks good. 

I read a bit about presentation using glycerin...but this takes months...and my branches were trimmed too long to try this process. 

Would you ever try this??? 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Sugared pecans.

Sugared pecans are soooooooo good! They smell heavenly...and taste amazing. You can locate them at the mall, fall festivals, or any amusement park this time of year...sadly they also come with a hefty price tag. 

So I decided to make my own at literally a fraction of the cost. 

You’ll need: 

1 pound of pecans 
1 egg white 
1 tbsp. Water 
1 cup of sugar 
1/2 tsp. cinnamon

Feel free to lessen the sugar...and up the cinnamon.

Whisk egg whites and water until frothy. 

Mix sugar and cinnamon in a bowl. 

Toss pecans in the egg whites and then add sugar mixture. 

Bake at 250 for one hour...mixting every 15 minutes. I baked my pecans on parchment paper for easy clean up. 


Book giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is Gobi written by  Dion Leonard and Illustrated by Lisa Manuzak. 

This book is darling, it is a true story of a friendship so strong it crosses the globe. You will enjoy this heartfelt story of Gobi the dog and Dion the ultramarathon runner. 

You will cheer all the way to the finish line! 

This book is prefect for young readers!!! 

For a chance to win tell me who you would give this book to??? 

As always thanks to a Tommy Nelson for sponsoring this giveaway!