Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Huggies® One & Done® Refreshing Wipes + shaving cream paint!

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I have four children for the first time in 11 years I don't have a child in diapers! You would think since they aren't in diapers I also wouldn't need wipes anymore. 


I keep wipes handy for everything! 

Wipes are more than just for babies bottoms. 

I use wipes for cleaning up spills in my car, giving the bathroom counter a quick wipe down, sticky hands, messy faces, and even for cleaning up after fun projects!

Huggies® One & Done® Refreshing Wipes are amazing! They get the job done!!  One & Done® is thicker for an ultimate clean* (vs Simply Clean ) They also have a  refreshing patented Triple Clean Layers that get the job done. These wipes are alcohol free, paraben free - hypoallergenic. I really enjoyed the cucumber and green tea scent.

I truly enjoy doing fun and engaging activities with my  kiddos. In case you weren't aware...toddlers...and projects with toddlers...are messy. That doesn't mean we mama's should stop those projects! We need to embrace the mess...because messes happen. 

I'm going to share a very fun and messy project I'm certain your toddlers (and big kids) will love! 

You'll need: 

a cupcake holder (or cups) 
Shaving cream (I used an off brand for sensitive skin) 
Food dye 
Paint brushes 
Packaging paper (or any paper) 

Pour shaving cream into cupcake holder. 

Add the food coloring to shaving cream. 

Using paint brushes...mixing the food coloring into the shaving cream. 

Side note: This can be turned into a fun color learning lesson! This is an easy way to teach that mixing primary colors together make secondary colors. 

Finally...hand the paint brushes to your toddler and allow them to paint the paper! If your toddler is anything like my won't take long for them to abandon the paper and paint their bodies. 

These wipes have an EZ Pull® Dispensing that allows you to get one wipe at a time. This was absolutely perfect for this project! I just set out a package of wipes and allowed my daughter to grab them as she felt needed. She would paint for a while and then grab a wipe clean her hands off...and go back to painting. 

I picked up my box of  Huggies® One & Done® Refreshing Wipes from Sam's Club  Sam's Club is one of my favorite places to shop. It's a one stop place for active toddle is incapable of pulling items off the shelves. We are a family of six...bulk items are a must for us. Also, the Scan and Go service is a game changer for shoppers! I can scan items as I shop and pay without having wait in's amazing.! 

Huggies® One & Done® Refreshing WipesHuggies® One & Done® Refreshing Wipes

Sunday, August 20, 2017

That time we floated down a river in a unicorn raft.

That time my extremely adventurous husband (and by "adventurous" I mean sometimes dangerous) talked us all into "floating" down a creek in a 🦄 🌈 rainbow unicorn raft...with a 12 week old puppy in tow. "It will be fun!" he said. "It's only a two mile trip," the people at the campground said. "It's only two to four feet deep, you can walk the whole way," the creek workers said. Lies. ALL LIES. 900 mosquitos bites, one sopping wet puppy, areas where no adult could touch, a panicked (and very dramatic) five year old who was screaming, "I want Grandpa!" "I should have stayed with Grandpa!" "Why did I ever go on the trip!" "I want to go home!", possibly the beginning symptoms of hypothermia, a random and very creepy passer by kayak-er who was making Deliverance movie references, forks in the river, a few tree branches to leg, a man in a green shirt who gave us hope that there was an end in sight, and 2.5 hours later...we smelt hot dogs...and spotted Grandpa! #forawhilewethoughtwemightbeonanepisodeofishouldntbealive #athreehourtour #thewaterwassocold #howdidigettalkedintothis #itwasthebrowneyesandthecharmingsmile #itsbeenmyweaknessforyears #wewillreferencethistripthenexttimehewantstobeadventurous #nowthatwesurvivedwecanlaugh #forthosewhoknowmyhusbandinreallifeprobablyarelaughting #ibetwewereasight #fivepeopleandawetshakingpuppyonaunicornraft #rainbowunicornraft #amemorableday 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Summer recap.

And just like that summer is over. This summer has been one for the memory bank. We traveled more in the last three months than we have in years // waited out thunderstorms in Branson // visited mini replica baseball fields // mini golf // camped // rode the train at siiiiiiillllveeer dolllaaaaaaar ciiiiiiitttyyyu // hung out with uncle al & Lyla's bff Robbie // stuffed our faces at Lambert's cafe - home of the thrown rolls // we terrorized the Bass Pro Shop in Springfield // took a table to the eye // sampled fudge // fished // some of us fished mush longer than others // baseball games // more baseball

 games // home runs // took first place // traveled to the Field of Dreams movie set // had a catch until sunset // is this heaven? no it's Iowa // ate chocolate and pastries from Pella, Iowa. // played some more baseball // went swimming for hours // had coffee on the porch and talked about Jesus // sleep overs with cousins // played more baseball // cheered on our swimmer // won blue ribbons // stayed up until midnight watching movies // drove through five states to see the ocean // the smell of sand, sun and salt water // took pictures unknowingly with jelly fish // bought a raft to protect ourselves from the 1.1 million fish // went to St. Andrews state park // ate pizza in a rain storm // status as a camping curse still stands // collected sand dollars and thoughtfully threw them back in the water// finding "hidden" starfish all over the beach // losing all our Paw Patrol pups in the sand // watched the sunset every single night // a loss of Harvey // lets get a puppy! // no. // let's get a puppy!? // ok. but only if you pay for it // lets have a consession stand! // ...and 48 hours later they have all the money we need for a puppy // celebrated freedom // took jumping photos // set off smoke bombs // watch the sky light up // cheered on our fish and won more 1st place ribbons // drove

 4.5 hours to pick up our pup // meet Samson! // Jefferson City and more exploring // celebrated birthdays // toured our city // visited new libraries // play dates with friends // more sleep overs with cousins // one last road trip // traveled with a 10 week old puppy // Notre Dame university// mass in a breathtaking church // brought the most popular man on campus ... Samson // went camping again // called for a beautiful clear night // it poured down rain  // still a camping curse // biking riding and dairy farms // dancing to music // bike ride talks // an epic raft trip // unicorn raft for the win! // incredibly beautiful sand dunes // a drive up north // fridged waters // quaint towns // a much needed break from the heat // a long drive home // kennel training a puppy // more pools days and sleepovers with cousins /swim suits and in brushed hair for daaaaays / more Jesus and coffee on the porch // // lazy days, saved by the bell watching, and board game playing //  it was pure bliss // 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

That time we went to Notre Dame. {South Bend}

We took a trip to Michigan this year. My husband, who is an avid sports lover, suggested we stop in South Bend along the way...and since I've watched the movie  Rudy once or twice...I agreed. 

Hello, Notre Dame. Wow! What an amazingly beauty campus! I had the privilege of going to college at what I thought was a pretty school...but Notre Dame blow Jewell out of the water. Every single detail of this campus is manicured. There wasn't a spot or blemish to be seen outside. The landscaping made me want to go home and add fresh flowers to every nook and cranky. There was such a history and beauty in the building. 

We explored the campus, took our picture by touch down Jesus. Visited the church during mass. Oh my. It was so incredibly breathing taking inside the could feel God's presence...and could really sense a reverence in the worship. 

Also...we met the most popular man on campus!!!! Actually, we brought the most popular man on campus with us. Samson. He was such a huge hit! College students sure do miss their dogs!! He was loved, petted, kissed, and was even almost stolen when a group of foreign exchange tourists begged to take a picture with him...and then proceeded to walk away with him. Don't worry...the hubs chased them down and got him back. 

Unfortunately, the football stadium was under construction. The hubs was so bummbed. We tried to break the rules and sneak up to the gate just to get a glimpse...but this place was locked up like Alcatraz...mall cops around every corner. 

Oh well. We may have to come back for a football game...because if this place was stunning in summer I can't imagine how gorgeous it is in the fall. 

Have you ever been to South Bend? 

Would you travel here? 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Cars + travel.

This is a sponsored post. 

We have logged in over 70 hours in the car this summer! 70 hours, countless miles and a summer full of memories! Have a dependable car is so important! 

We are currently looking at replacing one of our cars. Car shopping can be so very overwhelming. Car looking with four children should be a form a punishment. That's why I'm so thankful for  

This website offers a ton of choices and a simple way to compare cars with ourcleaving your home! I love how you can search my year, make, model! You can add bonus search features and you can even pick how from from your zip code your willing to look! 

This website will be an amazing tool for my family in the upcoming months! I will be able to find out, call ahead, researching what dealerships I will need to visit all before leaving this house. I won't waste an entire day driving around hoping they have the car I'm looking for. 

They offer more than just car searching made easy...they also offer a repair search as well...that is so neat I was unaware of this feature prior to this post! 

Have you ever used ? 

Be sure to check this sight out during your next car search!!