Monday, August 31, 2015

letters + cookies.

dear molasses cookies, you were good and chewy.

dear gallstones, you are not cool. i repeat, not cool.

dear gallbladder, you are actually healthy, i'd like to keep you, but apparently you think gallstones aren't cool either.

dear cookies, butter, oil, fat, french fries, mexican food, ice cream, and anything with flavor,  i miss you. it's not you, it's me...literally. (see letter to gallstones)

dear pizza, i miss you the most.

dear coffee, its a good thing i didn't have to give you up.

dear readers, here is a coupon and a great cause

Friday, August 28, 2015

water play.

Water play.

Water play is one of the best activities in my opinion to keep your toddler busy and engaged.  We have a sand and water table outside, my kids love bath time, and water painting on the porch is one of their favorite past times. Lyla also loves bowls of water, cups, measuring spoons, anything to fill or pour, and characters. Sometimes I even give her a little soapy water to "wash" her princesses in and a towel to "dry" them off. This idea is simple, fun, and free.

{ you can read about educational benefits of water play here }

Note: While I am sure I don't have to remind you...I am going to anyways...please never leave children unattended with water activities.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

diy stars in a jar.

Earlier this summer we made diy glow stick lanterns. They were a huge hit, however once the glow stick went out the fun was over. We decided to give it a second shot, this time used glow in the dark starts, that way we could re-light the lanterns every night. They were an even bigger hit!

You'll need

a mason jar ( or something similar ) 
sequins and  glitter ( this is optional ) 
glow in the dark stars

Add all of the listed above into the jar and seal. This couldn't be an easier craft. It is kid friendly and they were actually excited to use their lanterns at bedtime. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

weekend recap.

weekend recap. lovely cool august weather // fire pits and bike ride accidents // bandages, hot tubs,  chinese food, and backyard play with cousins // baseball practice, followed by a lazy saturday, pj's all day, and movies // honey crisp are ready! // early morning church, prayer for healing, and country driving // apple orchard closed until 1pm, two hours to kill, park exploring, rock jumping, and a donut date // finally! apple picking, 50lbs of apples, tree climbing, apple testing, park playing, and honey suckers // a country drive home, while dreaming of small town life // lunch, backyard play, nail painting, reading on the porch, and a late night walk // 

God bless our fall. (GIVEAWAY!)

We have had amazing weather this past week, it makes me yearn for fall! I am ready for the pumpkins, sweaters, boots, walks, football, and food!

This has been Lyla's favorite book to read this week, she loves all the animals and thinks the page of pigs is our family.

Want a chance to win a copy of this sweet book?

Leave a comment telling me what your favorite part about fall is?

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Summer recap.

What a dreamy ️summer. A ️summer filled with travels, laughter, and Dairy Queen. We cheered on the cardinals, visited the zoo, ate at the blues city deli, and fellowshipped with family. We fed baby goats, took jumping photos in Topeka, discovered president streets, trains, and parks. We swam more times than we can count, spent ️summer nights at swim meets and baseball games. We won championships, earned blue ribbons, and placed third at conference. We set off fireworks, enjoyed apple pie, and watched the sky light up. We spent 20 hours in our car, lost our car keys, sat on dinosaurs, viewed the big heads, saw baby bears, stood in awe of the badlands, witnessed a massive hail storm, and took quite a few more jumping photos. We fretted about school, learned about gallstones, and fixed up a few boo-boos. We spent mornings on the porch reading the good word and drinking strong coffee. We worshiped, laughter, and had dance parties in the kitchen. We visited Dairy queen a few more times, picked tomatoes, took a few day trips, and decided to never go back to lexington.ever.again. We took state sign photos in 6 different states, waited out rainy days, and saw movies. We drove to see the Cards in action one more time, enjoyed the summer wind, and soaked up the last little moments summer had to offer. 

book giveaway.

Who is up for a giveaway!? Check out this sweet little 5 Minute Bible Stories. This book is prefect for early readers. The stories are the perfect length for bedtime reading. The stories are sweet, simple, and to the point. The illustrations are vibrate and colorful.

To enter leave a comment answering one of the questions below.

If you could share a 5 Minute Bible Story with anyone, who would it be?
What is the best part of your day to read a 5 Minute Bible Story together?