Sunday, January 31, 2016

book review + giveaway.

I Will Follow Jesus - Bible Story Book. This book is soooooooooooooooo adorble and filled with God's word! The illustrations are darling. The pages are filled with scripture, stories, and devotions. This book is written by Judah and Chelsea Smith - Author of New York Times bestselling author of Jesus is ____. 

Want a chance to win this for yourself or someone you love? 

Leave a comment letting me know what is your ( or your loved one's ) favorite bible story? 

As always a BIG thanks to Tommy Nelson for sponsoring this giveaway! 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Minnesota recap.

a road trip in place of a birthday present // adventures and a state we've never explored // happy 9th birthday // 4 am departure time // snow // Iowa // driving fast // minnesota! / snow drifts, giggles, and state sign photos // shorts, no shoes, -20 degrees // beautiful landscape // a happy baby during the car ride // mall of america // a full moon // check in // forget the pizza rat we saw the cheeseburger squirrel // rides all day // bubba gump's // pure joy // the crankiest baby ever //not even kidding...a biting and hair pulling and crying baby // a lost bottle and a hunt to purchase a new one // being brave and a zip line // the log ride // TGIF in the hotel room // cookies for a cake // I'm not 9 until I blow out the candles // early rising and swimming // mini golf // shopping // ice cream bigger than your face // smoke detectors and concerns // casey's for dinner // family time, no cooking, and no cleaning for two whole days // best birthday ever // 

Friday, January 22, 2016

oatmeal meets greek yogurt.

Oatmeal meets Greek yogurt...and mornings. 

Mornings are rough...for me. I like to stay in bed until the absolute very last second that it is completely necessary for me to get up. I know the second my feet hit the floor...that's it...I won't rest until bedtime. 

I have four children, so mornings are also total chaos. I repeat, total chaos. The baby needs a bottle, the girls need their hair fixed, the dog needs to be let out, lunches need to be made, the boy needs to be reminded daily to turn his shirt around because it's backwards, they all need daily reminders to brush their teeth so they don't rot out of their mouths, and somewhere in all this I need to feed my children a healthy and nourishing breakfast.

In steps Plenti Oatmeal meets Greek Yogurt. This product has simplified my mornings! Oh, and it really...really...really helps that all FOUR of my children enjoy yogurt. That's rare...a food that all four like. This saves so much time, I don't have to cook or prepare breakfast. Plenti is also about a thousands times healthier for you than any sugary cereal out there. 

So I'd just like to take the time say thank you Plenti for making my crazy mornings a little easier. 

Want to try Yoplait Plenti Oatmeal Meets Yogurt? Would a coupon help you give it a try? 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Dear  Elisabeth, 

Happy 9th birthday! You my sweet girl are a gem. You are sweet, and caring, and kind. You are an amazing sister, a much better sister than I was...or will be. You are Jude's best friend, Lyla's role model, and you are one of the few people Brooklyn will let hold her. You aren't afraid to write or talk about Jesus in school, you pray, and you even read your bible ( up until your reading minutes are fulfilled for the school month...then you don't pick up a book until the following month). 9 years on this earth and you still adore bubble gum, snuggling, snow, PJ's all day, and Bun-Bun. I sometimes feel like I am the hardest on you because I know you are capable. I worry about you most, because you're kind and I don't want people to push you know unless it's in a wagon or something. You love family time, have the more gorgeous hair color I've ever seen, and your eyes tell if you're happy or sad. You are a lover of blue Jolly Ranchers, not eating vegetables, swimming, bike riding, all things holidays, and your birthday. You get excited about the smallest thing, and the opposite it true too. You bring joy to our lives. You will lay in bed with me all morning long watching Saved by the Bell or cheesy Hallmark movies, and you will equally go on adventures and try "epic" I don't want to know what kind of dangerous things with dad. You think of others, laugh a lot, and are a real treat to spend time with. I (and dad too) love you so much and I can't wait to see what God has in store for your life. 


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Nesquik + a s'more snack.

Nesquik, brings back some serious childhood memories.

I can now feel good about giving my children the same yumminess I loved growing up because Nesquik has 7 essential vitamins and minerals, 45% less sugar than the leading syrup brand, and has no artificial colors or flavors. YAY for no artificial flavors and colors! 

I love watching my children dream, create, and imagination play. A certain three year old in my house lives in a dream world, she plays and imagine all day long. She plays baby, and princess, she dresses up, and pretend marries Chewy, she doodles and spins, and dances, and sings. Often times I just need to give her something to get her mind going...a spoon turns into a microphone...a stack of cups turns into a castle...and a box...a box can be just about anything. 

After a hard day of playing, exploring outside, building forts, creating, and going to school...I like to offer the four small children that live in my house a snack. 

For this snack you'll need:

Milk + Nesquik
Graham crackers ( I used organic ) 
Marshmellows ( tiny ones or bigs ones cut up ) 
Chocolate chips ( I use organic ) 

assemble and bake at 350...until mellows are golden and chocolate is melted...keep an eye on the don't want to burn them. 

Be sure to check out this fun Nesquik Pinterest page! 


banana peppers + melted cheese + bacon + letters.

Dear Mezzetta, I love your banana peppers. They tasted even better stuffed with cheese and then wrapped in bacon...and then cooked.

Dear Husband, Thanks for the idea of stuffing these pepper.

Dear Lyla, Thanks for sneaking into the kitchen and eating all the bacon off the peppers when I wasn't looking.

Dear Elisabeth, You saw these were the color green and wouldn't even give them a chance.

Dear Jude, You can catch a break buddy, first the stomach pink weren't up for eating...or trying something new.

Dear Brooklyn, You'll eat anything.

Dear smoke detector, You're the most horrible thing ever. You go off all the time. I cook bacon you go off. I allow any heat or stream to rise from a pan you go off, I heat up the oven WITH NOTHING IN IT you go off. Seriously, you suck. I'm over you. I'm cooking, for crying out loud NOT burning the house down! You're like the little boy who cries wolf...I don't even think I would believe you if you started going off for a real emergency. 

Dear Readers, Be sure to make these for a game day treat! Have a homegating party and whip up this easy and yummy snack. Feel free to swap out the banana pepper for something with a little more spice. Also don't wrap too much bacon...once around will do the trick...or else the outside bacon will be cooked and the inside will be raw. 

P.S. a giveaway ---> here


New year, new you?

Are there any stress factors in your life? I can name a fact I can name four.

I was on time to church for once in 8 years, I had a calm relaxing morning, I didn't yell, I got to drink my coffee hot. It's because 3 out 4 of my children weren't home. I love them, they're my favorite...but raising tiny humans can cause the stress levels to rise. Its also winter...and cold...and its been like a week since I've seen the sun. 

Have you ever heard of Natrol 5-HTP? I hadn't. In fact, I had to google it. 

Turns out its a mostly safe, and none-drug way to booth your mood. I say, mostly safe, because anything you take, eat, wear, touch, or breath could have a side effect. Be sure to chat with your Dr. before taking. 

Natrol 5-HTP...

Helps brighten mood 
Helps increase serotonin levels 
Is Drug-free, plant-derived mood enhancement 
helps control appetite  
Natrol 5-HTP Fast Dissolve technology has been clinically tested and absorbs up to 66 percent more of the 5-HTP active ingredient compared to other competing tablets 

Would you ever try a product like this? Here is a COUPON to help if your interested.

What stresses you out?