Thursday, October 27, 2016

Mummy drinks.



Every year I sign up to bring the drinks to my children's Fall Party. 

I sign for the sole reason of turning those drinks into mummy's. 

This is such an easy DIY and it always puts a smile on little faces.

You'll need: 

White streamers 
Google eyes (I used sticky backed eyes) 
Glue -(for eyes if non-stick eyes are being used) 

I decided to go with liters for my oldest daughters class. Fingers crossed that 4th graders can manage to not spill their drinks all over the classroom. 

First tie your streamer around the base of the bottle. Then wrap the streamer around and around until it resembles a mummy. Last stick eyes on the streamer. It took me a total of five minutes I complete this taste. 

Would you ever try this?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Shutterfly Make My Book ™

This post is sponsored by Shutterfly. Let us curate your photos and design a beautiful photo book for you.

Hello. My name is Christina and I'm a photo hoarder. You know the kind...the one who has to delete order to take more photos.

I'm not even ashamed...

I am also very, very, very terrible at printing my photos...

Actually about the only thing I am good at is posting my favorite pictures to Instagram.

Thank goodness for Shutterfly...

Did you know that you can upload your Instagram (and other social media accounts) to Shutterfly?

Did you further know that Shutterfly is now offering the Make My Book™ Service ... this is such a neat concept! In this crazy busy world...I barely have time to upload my memories...yet alone spend an hour + creating a photo book! I have four children...I haven't had an hour of spare time in years. Make My Book™is an amazing concept and it is so easy to use!!! 

I simply connected my IG account...and Shutterfly uploaded all my photos.

I selected 100 of my favorites.

I selected the style of book I liked. (Tons of designs and extras to choose from!)

I selected the Make My Book™ and waited two days for an email.

I reviewed my book. (You can make all the changes you'd like)

I submitted my order and waited for my book to arrive.

I spent about 10 minutes of my time and I now have a huge 11X14 photo book filled with my memories! 

I really loved the job the designers did with my book! I didn't change a thing.

Honestly the only thing I would have changed would have been the front cover...Lyla made the cut in 6 of the featured photos...and let me tell you the older children noticed...jealous...much? Clearly the designers had no idea that children count how many times they are and aren't featured on a front cover of a photo book. ;) 

This was such a time saver! 

These would make amazing gifts for the upcoming holidays! 



Thanks to I had the chance to review Deep Chill for free in exchange for an honest review. 

This item is really neat. It is basically an oversized lounger fill with air. You open the sides up and fill the plastic lined sides with outside air. Roll tight and snap together! 

My little girls had so much fun lounging in this all afternoon! This would be great to fold up and take on a picnic or to the park or on a camping trip! 

This is NOT to be JUMPED ON!!! It will pop! This is for relaxing and leisure. 

For more information on Deep Chill click HERE





Music is a lovely thing. 

What is your favorite song? 

What's your favorite brand? 

What's your favorite way to listen to music? 

Do you listen on your phone? On a computer? In your car? 

Do you own Bluetooth speakers

I received the set shown in the photos above...via for free in exchange for an honest review. 

These speakers are chargeable, easy to use, comfortable and affordable. They come with an extra set of ear pieces and easy to use instructions. 

Would you ever try these? 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hefty + a tip + coupon.

This post is sponsored by Hefty but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.


You guys. I'm freakishly weak. I rely on the help of my husband way more than I should admit. He's John Cena strong. I can name many moments where I have needed strength like that...the time the mouse decided our pantry would make a nice home...every year to hang my Christmas lights...when heavy lighting needs to be done...when dryers need to be fixed...and oh yes...every Tuesday night when the trash needs to be collected and taken to the curb. 

A family of six can collect some trash, let me tell ya. 

Confession: I have maybe...and I mean a strong maybe...taken out the trash one time in 12 years of marriage...that how I roll...I'm cool like that. My children have also never taken the trash to the curb either...sure they help dad from time to time...but they are still fairly young...most of our trash would be too heavy for them...and they are not a stage where they would willingly volunteer to do that chore...

With that said I have a secret...shhhhh...don't tell them...

Ok. So. I Christmas shop year round...this lightens the load during the holidays. Now with that said...I also need to hide these presents from my children...enter Hefty Ultra Strong...I take the present I purchase and I place them in a trash bag...and I store them in the back corner of the garage (away from where the real trash is kept) ...this works so well for so many reasons! The Hefty Ultra Strong bags are strong enough for me to cram big boxes and toys in with our the bag ripping...they also protect the presents from dust and dirt in the garage...and the best part...since my children would never willing take out the trash...I know that they would also never snoop through what looks like an ordinary bag of trash to them...winning.

I also love Hefty Ultra Strong trash bags for everyday trash purposes because they offer...

Exceptional performance (Hefty’s best kitchen bag ever) at a new low price (cheaper than Glad!)
Arm & Hammer patented odor neutralizer
Active Tear Resistant Technology for superior strength 
Break resistant grip drawstring

Are you an Ibotta user? CLICK HERE to save $1 off your next Hefty Ultra Strong purchase. 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Pendant light.


I received this lovely pendant light from for free in exchange for an honest review.

I have been in the process of switching out my fixtures to lights that are clear that I can place Thomson Edison style light bulbs in them. I love this look so much and I feel that it adds warmth to any room. Anyone who has purchased or prices light fixtures knows how pricey they can be.

This pendant style light can be found HERE and it only cost $36.99...and the light bulb is included! Sometimes those style of light bulbs can be $15+ a piece. This whole set is a steal in my opinion. 

I loved the color. The chord was very long and was easily adjusted. The best part? The light was very easily installed. 

Tea + biscuits.


This is one of the prettiest tea/coffee makers I have owned!

FULL disclosure...I received this for free in exchange for an honest review.

I have only used this for tea and hot far so works as you would expect. The water heats up nicely...and I love how I can keep this on my counter and it fits in with the rest of my decor in my kitcken. The spout is sleep and long...perfect for pouring.

Pick up your Willow and Everett electric kettle today!