Monday, December 7, 2015

This is the most wonderful time of the year. It is also a time of the year to give back, to help others, to give a gift that really counts. - Gifts of Lasting Change is just the place to help you give to others.

This is an amazing website that allows you to give to something that really counts. These are life changing gifts. Gifts that are affordable, that make a differnce, and make you feel like you are embracing the reason for the season. 

$24 buys a family 2 chickens ---> $24 is probably what a family spends eating out one meal...or what one family spends on coffee in one week. If you skipped out on one of those small could take the money you would have spent and change a life. 2 chickens...$24...could provide a family with over 500 eggs a year. 

My Lyla girl and I, are a tad bit obsessed with baby goats. We love baby goats. Seriously, we want a baby goat. Through $45 could buy someone a goat. A goat gives nutritional milk for families to drink. A goat also provides an income...and is very valuable. has many options to choose from...small gifts...big gifts...and monthly gifts.

If your stuck on what to give this season be sure to check out.

From now until December 31st your gift will be match up to a million dollars.

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