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Monday, December 7, 2015

huggies + diaper bag essentials

Sam's Club. Are you a member? If not, would you ever consider being a member? I'm so happy to be a member. If you are a member, did you know you get free shipping and you get the perks of Club Pick up? 

That means I can get free shipping and Club Pick up on all the diapers I need. I have four children. I have needed a lot of diapers over the last 8 years. A Lot. I can honestly say, Huggies Little Snugglers are my favorite diapers. I wish they actually came in bigger sizes. I love the shape, the stretchy sides, the way they fit, and the GentleAbsorb inside. 

Speaking of diapers. With four children...I have packed a diaper bag or two.

Here are a few must have diaper bag essentials: 

more wipes (seriously, you can never have enough wipes) 
diaper rash cream
change of clothes
infants Tylenol (for teething baby) 
socks (I'm not sure why but my children love to leave the house with out socks) 
stickers (for siblings or toddlers) 
hand sanitizer 
changing pad 
sippy cup 
formula/bottle (if used) 
small blanket
sunscreen (I can even begin to tell you how often I have needed sunscreen!)
nail clipper 
first aid kit (being with out a Band-Aid is the worst!)

What would you add to this list for diaper bag must haves? 

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