Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hashtag: formula for happiness

Bringing home a newborn is such a wonderful and life altering experience. I should know, I've done it four times. Each time I got better at it, and more comfortable in my own skin as a parent. 

When you bring this sweet little bundle home, you are so in love, so happy, so ready to be a mom. Then week two of having a newborn hits you, the exhaustion hits you, the reality of caring for a little human you know nothing about  hits you. I like to call week two, the week from hades. Thoughts like, I'm never going to sleep again, or shower again, or read a book again, run through your mind. I'm here to assure you, that you will sleep again, manage to care for yourself, and will read again...probably something by Dr. Seuss...but hey, reading is reading. 

I leaned a few tricks of the trade to make the newborn stage an easier transition. 

Burp. And burp often. Even when you think you've gotten a burp, burp again. Baby seems fussy? Sticks out his/her tough? Arches back? Most likely baby needs to burp. 

Figure out what sleeping technique is going to work best for you and baby. I'm a huge fan of sleep training. I learned sleeping was key for me to be an effective parent. I used the book 12 hour by 12 weeks with all four of my babies. It worked with all four of them. 

Get a baby swing. Maybe it's a fluke but all four of my babies LOVED the swing. While baby was swinging I was able to get a few things done...and by "few things done" ... I mean watch Netflix and drink coffee.

Try a pacifier. Only one of my four children took one. I kid you not,  I tried to force it on the rest, but atlas it didn't work. Pacifiers are wonderful soothers and also help prevent against SIDS. 

Sleep sacks. I finally got a sleep sack with my youngest, and I found myself wondering why oh why I didn't own one prior. Most babies love to be swaddled and the sleep sacks do all the work for you. 

Rest and sleep when you can. Trial and error and key to finding what works best for you and baby. Remember to enjoy the newborn stage because you will blink and your baby won't be so much of a baby anymore. 

"Quiet down cobwebs / dust go to sleep / I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep. " 

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Amy @Set Free said...

We've been the worst at sleep training. Hubs and I are kicking ourselves now. We did it so well the first time, and have been super lazy about it the second time around...and we're definitely paying for it! :( It was actually our convo this morning..."Tonight is the night. We're both in this together, right?!?"

Kerry Bisig said...

LOL'ing at your Netflix comment! I spent the first couple months watching Netflix with my new little one. And yes to the swing! Lifesaver!