the olive tree: One last letter from Harvey.

Friday, June 30, 2017

One last letter from Harvey.


Hey Family, it's me good 'ol Harvey boy. 

I know when you woke up this morning you were not expecting the day to end this way. Don't worry I had a good run, and I'm no longer suffering. If I could go back in time I'd probably pass on eating that napkin soaked in bacon grease...or would I???? I guess I missed you so much because you went to beach with out me that I decided to drowned my sorrows in food. Not to worry the vet said that had nothing to do with my passing...she said most likely I already had tumors and cancer. 

I know, I took me by surprise too...I mean just last week I was the hit of Jude's baseball game...I heard talk that Lyla said I should be the team mascot!!?? I was ready for the challenge until the field nazis kicked me out of the ball field. Rude. I know Lyla was NOT happy. Speaking of Lyla today was tough of her...I know she loved me the most...I was her bestie...I mean we even had our own hashtag! She made sure I was fed and watered and I really enjoyed our walks around the literal leash walks in the backyard. She would have walked me around the block but mom said she wasn't old enough. 

Speaking of mom...I saw how upset she was today...I guess she doesn't think I'm quite the moron she claimed me to be. After all I was her dog...she picked me out because I was the chubbiest puppy at the farm and my tongue was dangling out of my mouth. She said I was the best family dog...I even let the baby bite me and pull my ears and tail...daily. I knew she was all bark and no bite. 

Also, tell dad I'll miss following him around from room to room...after all he was my master. I clearly loved him the most. 

I know it will take a while to get used to me not being there...there won't be anyone laying under the willow tree while dad mows, I won't be there to step all over moms blog post goodies while she's trying to take pictures.There won't be anyone to lay on the clean laundry, pee all over the snowman or bark while you all wrestle. Brooklyn will have no one to steal her morning waffle...Jude and Elisabeth will have to start taking their snack plates to the sink right away instead of having me lick them clean. 

Try not to get too down and remember all the times I made you laugh until there were tears. Like the time I got sprayed in the face by a skunk, that time mom though there was a burglar and I hid behind the curtains instead of helping her search the house, that time I wouldn't swim and you guys though I was the only Labrador Retriever who couldn't  swim or retrieve, that time I went roller blading with dad, that time I was electrocuted,  and the time Hutch and I tunneled our way from the garage to the living room and tore down all the Christmas decorations...all good times, good times. 

It was a lovely 13 years and I enjoyed every moment of having you as a family. 

I'm off to play with Hutch! 

Harvard "Harvey" Lickstaworm 

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