Monday, November 9, 2015

Letters from Harvey.

Dear family, 

How are you? Do you miss me? I miss you, even though I'm laying right by you. 

Do you see these photos? I was forced to get a bath a week ahead of that mom could blog about I Love My Dog Shampoo

Speaking of mom...I wonder sometimes if she actually hearts me. Remember that time this summer when I kind of...sort of...ran away? Everyone was wondering why I wasn't under the table during lunch...there was a three second search party...and then mom decided to check out the HOA Facebook page to see if had turned up. Turns out I did, I was hanging out with my new found BFF. When dad called about my whereabouts he told my new BFF I had been missing for about 15 minutes. WRONG, family, wrong. I was actually gone close to two hours. Nice to know you all noticed. 

I came to later find out that mom held a family vote to see if you all should actually come and get me. Not cool, mom, not cool. The vote went in my favor. It's a good thing the kids like me, or I might have a new home. 

I really enjoyed it when Lyla interrogated my new BFF...she asked him very important questions like...

"Why did you still our dog?"
"Why did you put a girl collar in our dog?" 

Lyla looks out for me...we should keep her.


Glad I'm back with my family and I now have fresh smelling, shiny hair with all natural oatmeal shampoo. A little goes a long was with this stuff!


p.s. Mom acts like I'm the most annoying creature on the planet, but I know she loves me. The other day she told me I was the best dog in the whole world.

p.s.s. Mom receive I Love Dog My Shampoo free of charge for an honest review. At first she thought the price tag seemed a little high at  $12 + a bottle. However, a little goes a long way. This bottle will last a long time. It left my coat feeling clean, smelling good, and looking shinny. Both she and I were impressed. 

p.s.s.s I love you so much. xoxo. 

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