Monday, January 21, 2013

letters from harvey.

harvey2 photo harvey2_zpsbf08b01b.jpg

dear family,
oh hey guys? remember me? you used to let me sleep on your lap in the car? I am not sure if the above photo is snuggling or a choke hold? either way it was fun, lets do it again!?

anyways I am not sure if you forgot, but I am still in the basement. I just thought I would remind you, you know, just in case you forgot? did you forget that I am still down here?

hey dad.? tell mom I am sorry I almost puked upstairs all over the clean floors.
note to self: self, don't throw up on the floors or you'll get put in the basement.

hey mom.? tell dad I'm sorry he had to clean up even more the basement. I probably wasn't feeling well b/c I ate that plastic carrot nose from the snowman. oh! also tell jude and elisabeth I am sorry i peed all over their snowman and ate his carrot nose. I know they weren't happy about that.

While I am apologizing ... tell dad I am sorry i keep jumping on the treadmill. I am just trying to work off those pesky christmas pounds i put on.

hey?! remember that time I went out side, and started barking, and barking. you guys came outside to see what was going on ///only to find that  I had been sprayed in the face by a skunk?  good times. good times.

much love,

p.s. hutch says hi...he doesn't have anything to apologize because he is perfect. 


17 Perth said...

Stop it. Are you serious!? Hahaha. Poor Harvey! Sounds like he (and you guys) have had a rough couple of days or weeks! Oh and skunks are the worst! Vinegar? That's all we could get to work.

Leah said...

awww too cute. poor guy, he must be beating himself up. :)
it's funny because this morning i was researching the option for a pet. specifically a dog, and my husband and i are going back and forth on the responsibility of it all! but i'm sure their loyalty and love outweighs everything else, no? please say yes. cause i really want a dog!

michelle @ this little light said...

I am laughing out loud at this, because (a) it's funny and (b) Ruby looks just like Harvey and (c) Crazy Ruby has been barking ALL DAY at the dishwasher we put at the curb for pick up.

It's a dishwasher. It hasn't moved. But apparently, she sees it as some sort of threat. Oy.

Valerie Stewart said...

Love it!! What is funny to me is that I have never seen or heard your dogs whenever I have been over there.

Susan said...

I am beyond impressed by how well your dog writes. I may just have to rethink this whole dog thing...minus the puking part. Now that's just gross.
How fab do you look in this photo???

Vicki said...

Totally made my day. I think Hutch needs to get in here at some point and tell us what life is like living with Harvey. : ) XO

Amy said...

omh, how cute and what an adorable photo!

Krystal said...

aww cute.

Katie said...

oh no. a skunk? that is my nightmare with our dog! I would be SO mad!!!

cranny + me said...

Oh! Harvey! You sound adorable! You tell them to let you out of that basement right now! : )

Katie @ minivan diva said...

This is hilarious!!! Love it.

trishie said...

Oh no about the skunk!!! Poor little boy.

VFoley said...


What a lovely blog. Hopping over via Embracing the Joy. Your newest follower.


Meagan said...

Aw, Harvey. You dirty dog, you! I'm glad he's back upstairs and out of captivity. He sure is an adorable thing. But they sure do know how to grind our gears!