the olive tree: Blue Lizard® Australian Sunscreen Sensitive + conversation starters.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Blue Lizard® Australian Sunscreen Sensitive + conversation starters.

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Have you ever heard of Blue Lizard® Australian Sunscreen Sensitive? This product is awesome!! I have a few family members that  have sensitive skin...sun screen can be tricky for them...the wrong kind can irritate their skin and cause isn't pretty. Blue Lizard® Australian Sunscreen Sensitive, and baby varieties, are paraben-free, chemical-free and fragrance-free. This sunscreen is a brand trusted by dermatologists, pediatricians, and especially fact dermatologists have recommended for over 15 years. Furthermore, it is ranked as one of the top sunscreens by the Environmental Working Group! This sunscreen was perfect for my sensitive skinned family members.

I know we all (or at least I hope) understand the importance of applying sun screen when we go to the pool...or the lake...or the ocean...but I make sure to apply sun screen when my family hits up anything our doors...the baseball fields...the park... hiking trails...practices...random summer afternoon adventures.  

I think spending time together and spending time in nature is so important...but I also want to make sure I protect my family from the sun. Blue Lizard® products have a unique zinc oxide formulation and provide broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection (SPF30+) and it provides all the coverage you need to keep you and your family safe from the sun.

One of my favorite past times is going on a random adventures...unplugging...getting away from the chores...and everyday life. I find that in those times is when my children really open up to me and engage...

Sometimes they need a little kick start on the conversations. I decided to make a travel DIY conversation starter kit. It was crazy simple to make...and it can be kept in car so its always handy. 

You'll need:

wood chips (or anything to write paper)
pen (a nice that won't bleed or run) 
drawstring bag (to carry the conversation starters in)
Once  you have all your supplies...simple write on the wood. 

Here are a few I wrote down:

Would you rather speak every language or play every instrument?

Who were you able to help today?

What family member do you think you look or act the most like?

If you could trade places with your parents for the day, what would you do different?

Would you rather travel to the past to meet ancestors, or travel to the future to meet your grandchildren?

What's something about yourself you hope never changes?

What are you most looking forward to the school year?

What is your earliest memory?

If we all lived in a zoo...what animals would we be?

What is your unusual talent? Demonstrate it.

What is the happiest day of your life so far?

If you had a time machine for the day, what would you do with it?

What fills your heart to a busting level?


If you are feeling extra crafty you could also create a simple DIY tic tac toe board...

You'll need:

a scrap board (you can buy a new one at the local craft store)
paint (two different colors)
stones, sea shells, leaves ( anything found in nature that can be used as game pieces )

first paint the wood one solid color...once that paint dries...paint the hash tag symbol in a different color of the original paint. That's it. Game pieces can be found in need to purchase them.


I though the neatest part about this product is the patented Smart Bottle™ technology - bottle changes color when exposed to harmful UV sunlight. My kiddos thought the changing color was so cool!! I thought this is such a great teaching tool for kids to learn when to when to re-apply sunscreen.

Be sure to pick up a bottle today!  Blue Lizard® can be easily found at Walmart. Check out this Ibotta offer and when you join you can earn $4!

Do not apply Blue Lizard® Sunscreen to wet skin. Blue Lizard® should only be applied to dry skin at least 15 minutes before sun exposure and/or water activities and reapplied at least every two hours to ensure SPF protection is maintained.