Monday, June 8, 2015

how to tie dye a watermelon pattern

How to tie dye a watermelon pattern. This pattern is pretty simple and the steps are minimal. You will need to section off, with a rubber band, a triangular area of the garment you are working with. Then using a Tulip dye squirt bottle...squirt the bottom section pink. Leave about half an inch of fabric above the pink with no dye and then squirt the top half of the triangle with green. No need to worry about the space the dyes will naturally run together creating a watermelon style. Allow the project to sit at least 6 hours ( I let mine sit overnight ) and then rinse according to package. The rinsing will also aid in the streak look of this pattern. 

The ideas for this pattern are would look super cute on a pair of white shorts, a tote for summer, or even a shirt.

The Tulip tie dye squirt bottles made this project so easy and mess free! Thanks to Blueprint Social and Tulip for sponsoring this post. 

Happy creating!

For a neat video click HERE

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Susan Liberatore said...

Eeek! I love this and am also too afraid to try it. lol!