Saturday, June 6, 2015


Confession: I do a lot of laundry. Confession: I don't sort my laundry. Ain't nobody got time for that. 

Confession: Some days (and I mean like twice a year) when the laundry is caught up I forbid my children to change clothes. 

Confession: I actually used to ask the children to not to get dirty. 

Confession: I realized I was a tad bit up tight...and I lighted up a bit.

Confession: I let them dig in the dirt, roll in the grass, jump in muddy puddles, eat Popsicles...even though more end up on their shirts than in their need to be just be kids!

Confession: Besides, everyone knows the dirtier the kid is at the end of the day the earlier they'll go to bed. 

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1 comment:

Susan Liberatore said...

I need to understand this you do not sort laundry thing you speak of.
As in, you wash darks and lights together?? Please tell me this isn't true. :o