Wednesday, June 10, 2015

how to tie dye an american flag pattern.

How to tie dye an American flag pattern. Todays post is brought to you by Blueprint social and I Love to Create. I found this pattern actually quite easy and I think using a full shirt wouldn't be any more difficult. 

I again started off with one white t-shirt and cut it down to a rectangular shape. I sectioned off the top in a small square, to start working on the blue part of the flag. I gathered a few pebbles and rubber-banded them in what would be the blue section. I then, took one big rubber band and gathered the square and sectioned it off. 

Next, I started working on the stripes. I basically gathered the rest of the material into one long row and started rubber-banding where the stripes would be. Then, I used the blue Tulip dye to make the blue part of the flag. I tried my best to leave the pebbles white. Finally, I used the red Tulip dye to make the rest of the flag. I made sure to leave plenty of white for the stripes to appear. I allowed the dye to sit overnight.

The Tulip squirt bottle made this project so easy and mess free! The tie dye kit offers gloves which means NO dyed hands!

Rinse and wash according to package and your done!

Have fun tie dying your summer

For a fun tie dye video click HERE.

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