Wednesday, June 10, 2015

tie dye tutorial.

For this tutorial I used a white shirt and cut it into strips. I had the goal to use these as napkins out side on the patio.

This pattern is very simple take your garment and fold it into a rectangle, in my case my garment was already in a rectangle. Then fold in one corner to create a triangle. Continue to fold into triangle sections until the garment is in the shape of one big triangle. Next take three rubber bands and secure each point of the triangle. Last using Tulip dye, squirt with color(s) of your choice. I left a little white and went easy on the dye with this look. 

Allow dye to sit a few hours ( I left mine sitting over night ) and then rinse according to package. 

Happy crafting! 

The Tulip tie dye squirt bottles made this project so easy and mess free! This tie dye kit also includes gloves so not messy hands!! Thanks to Blueprint Social and I Love to Create for sponsoring this post. 

For a fun tie dye video click HERE.

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