Wednesday, June 10, 2015

tie dye diy

For this look, I started out with one BIG white t-shirt and I cut it down into one big piece of cloth. Start by folding the fabric in half (this part is not shown in the photos!)  to make a rectangle. Then gather three sections and secure with a rubber bands. Leave a part of the garment sticking out...sort of like a ponytail. The tighter you twist the rubber bands the better the pattern will appear. Then on the opposite side do the same thing. After that, add more rubber bands around each little ponytailed section sticking out. Next, take a few big rubber bands around the middle both horizontally and vertically. 

Squirt garment with Tulip color(s) of your choice and allow dye to sit for a fews hours...or overnight in this case. I went really heavy on the color with this piece.

The Tulip tie dye squirt bottles made this project so easy and mess free! Thanks to Blueprint Social and Tulip for sponsoring this post. 

Rinse according to the package and your done!

For a fun tie dye video click HERE.

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