the olive tree: chewy cupcakes.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

chewy cupcakes.

STEP ONE: Have a Chewbacca loving child. STEP TWO: Realize that May 4th is a very important holiday. STEP THREE: Look up Chewy snacks + craft ideas. STEP FOUR: Decide...ain't nobody got time for that. STEP FIVE: Make cupcakes (from the box.) STEP SIX: Home make chocolate icing...jk...use the kind from the tub.  STEP SEVEN: Use an icing pipe with a flower looking thingy at the at...does anyone who isn't a professional baker even know that name of that is? STEP EIGHT: Make lines...that messier the better...I mean we've all seen Chewbacca...right!? STEP NINE: rummage through your pantry from something that might resemble an eye ball. STEP TEN: Use tiny black candy things for eyes...and explain to children that despite what they say...these cupcakes look EXACTLY like Lyla's future husband. STEP ELEVEN: See you've made your Chewbacca loving girl happy and call it a win. :)

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