Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas recap.




Christmas recap // finally healthy // sing! at the movies // some of our family members are not going back to the movies for a very looooooong time // fog and rain // awwww man if it had been cold this would have been snow!! // cheered on the dolphins // wrapped a few more present in silence // threatened to give Harvey to Santa if he didn't stop barking // got fancy for church // why are you fancy for church but not fancy all the other days? - Lyla to me #geethankskid // sneaking chicken nuggets into church...ok and French fries too // listening to kids sing  // Going through 20 nuggets in about 5 mins // little girls now had to sit in the lobby // off to grandma's house! // dinner and name tags // finally the ball game...we've been waiting for this all day! // presents and happy kids // only one more sleep!!!// setting our siblings presents // being excited to give // IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!! / Lyla wake up its Christmas! // Merry Christmas Lyla! // Merry Christmas...goes back to sleep // Lyla wake I'm still sleepy // the only four year old who didn't want to wake up Christmas morning // talking about Jesus and the reason for the season // opening presents slow and enjoying the morning // open more present each // it's's's a...SKYE! //  A DOC MCSUFFINS PUSH CART! I love it. // AGGGGGG! A Hatchimal! // I can't look...a PlayStation! // thanks mom and dad! // playing in bliss // Snoopies and stuffed dogs // pie face // bagels and hot chocolate...ok and ten thousand pounds of candy // grandmas house and cousins // a sleepover in mom and dads room...and being scared of dinosaurs...a very long talk about how dinosaurs are dead // sleep tight + sleeping through the night (thanks Brooke for the best Christmas present ever...a full nights sleep ) // 

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