Monday, January 16, 2017

10. {birthday letters}


Dear Elisabeth, 

I can't believe you're ten. TEN! Double digits...excuse my while I cry for a moment. 

You kid are awesome. You make parenting really easy. You listen and always do what you are asked the first time. You are kind and think of others. You love gum, bun-bun, and have replaced your liking of princesses with all things emoji. 

You are an amazing sister...and in fact if you ask your siblings they all name you as their favorite. Your my Hallmark movie watching buddy...and I know dad is glad he always has someone who is willing to go on a bike with him.

You love movies...and PJ's all day long...and value tradition. You're smart...probably one of the best spellers I know. 

You care for others...and I love your heart to serve...don't ever stop that...the world needs more of you...but remember that you can care for others with out placing huge stock in what others think...there is a difference don't mix to two up. 

You are equal parts fish and snow bunny. You enjoy  snuggling, candy, not eating vegetables, hanging out with your cousins and quality time. 

You have a hunger for the word of God and musical talent...use that for his kingdom. Put God first and seek him...I mean really seek him...and all else will fall in line.

I can't wait to see where this life takes you. Whatever you do I know you'll be lovely at it. 


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