Friday, December 30, 2016

Pizza + union station



saturday in december // what to do? // should we get a christmas tree? // i don't want to get a tree // well i'm not going to pay money to have children complain // let's go to crown center and union station! // no's saturday in december it will be crazy crowded // buuuuuuut we could eat at da' bronx...baited and hooked // everyone's off to da' bronx // best pizza in KC and serves even better sandwiches // a girl who loves tradition // off to union station // lost a few kids // didn't lose them they followed grandpa to the bathroom // scolded lost children and tried not to cry // so many people // science city! // almost getting caught // trains and giant nutcrackers // pictures by the tree // a piano that plays itself // i'm not paying $5 a person to ride that train...let's go see the mayors christmas tree // warm december weather // forget the playground lets jump into dad's arms! // why aren't the lights on? // christmas countdown clock // time to go home! // why are all these people here? // what are all the signs for? // a christmas laser light show! // sorry guys brooklyn's done...we can't wait three hours for the light show to about DQ? // DQ DQ DQ! // a happy ending to a happy day // 

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