Friday, December 30, 2016

trees + snow + road trips


holiday story time lets go! // story time is about to start meet us over there // 3 minutes later...story time is over // that was the fastest story time ever! // play land // where's Santa? // I'm hungry // the big tree // snow! // playing in the snow // a massive tree in the snow // jumping  photo // I'm starving // let's eat // road trip // sick kids // I don't think I should go they don't feel good // I can't believe you aren't going to go. // ok I'll you're not invited anymore // awwww come on...I want to go // nope. // please? / no. // well I'm going...come on guys lets go! // McDonalds for lunch // pick out a movie // can't decide what movie to watch // finally Brooks is asleep // arrive to destination // ready for the Christmas pageant // girl in tight dress // knocked a few thing over in the lobby...we were politely shown a room where we "could hang out" // mean nursery workers // cute cousins // one slice of pizza for 500 kids // funny skits // good times with adults // amazing vocal and the presence of the Holy Spirit // finally it's took forever! These people were mean!...even Elisabeth got in trouble and that never happens! // time to head back home // monopoly with cousins // we need a tree // all the tree lots are sold out // let's go find our own tree // found a tree // cut it down // took it home // decorated it // the end. 

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