Wednesday, May 11, 2016

fruit shoot + adventure.

 Fruit Shoot, have you ever heard of this product?

I hadn't, until they showed up at my door. I'm hooked. I especially LOVE the no-added sugar option. The no-added sugar drinks had 2-3 grams of sugar for the entire bottle of juice...compared to the average 25+ grams in other juice boxes. 

I don't know about your family, but my family already seems to have a massive amount of energy...I don't need to give them any more. 

What  do they use all that energy for?


Adventure like afternoon tera parties (careful! sometimes the tea is poisoned) , Playing is sand, swinging, exploring the woods behind our house, hiking, seeing new cities, making up backyard games... and most recently...convincing dad that it is a fun...and safe idea to place the moon bounce in front of the swing...and then swing as high as possible...and then jump off the swing into the moon bounce. #ohmyword #can'twatch

I'm going to stick with tea parties....

What is your idea of adventure?

What is your child's idea of adventure?

Would you ever try Fruit Shoot?

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