Wednesday, May 11, 2016

dauber dogs.

 I received these Dauber Dawgs in the mail for free in exchange for an honest review.

These were a HUGE hit in my house!

The purchase of Dauber Dawgs also comes with over 100 FREE printables!

My daughter spent a good amount of the afternoon on the porch creating pictures with the Dauber Dawgs. These colors were vibrate and they are washable!

They are also non-toxic.

These markers offer endless educational ideas!

They can be used to teach colors, they are great for practicing fine motor skils, and would be a great addition to any home!

Would you ever try these?

1 comment:

Dorcas Daguno said...

Hi! This is a great review! It does seem like your daughter is having a great time :)

BTW, I'm posting this blog post in the Dauber Dawgs Facebook page too so others can see it.

Thanks again!