Friday, November 20, 2015

peppermint bark.

Mmmmm. Peppermint. While most of America waits all year long for pumpkin spiced everything. I wait all year long for peppermint. 

I was in Hallmark the other day, and the sales lady asked if I had tried the Peppermint Bark. I was hooked the moment I heard peppermint. 

Using Hallmarks Crafters & Co. Peppermint Barks Bar, I created a divine peppermint milkshake. 

I used two dark chocolate ice cream bars, milk, and half of a chopped Peppermint Bark Bar. I mixed the ingredients in a blender and then toped the milkshake with a few remaining bits of bark bar.  

I then gobbled up the rest of the bark and and didn't offer to share it with anyone. 

If your looking for a simple, yummy, and taste like Christmas in a sure to try this recipe out. 

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