Friday, November 20, 2015

home decor + gingerbread + thymes

Hello. I'm Christina, and I have a Christmas problem. First step is admittance, right??? 

I honestly don't feel like I can have too many decorations. 
The more glitter the better. 
In fact it looks like Christmas and glitter threw up all over our house. 
I fill almost every nook and cranny I can find in our home. 
I try my best to wait until the week of Thanksgiving to decorate.
That never happens. 
We decorate earlier and earlier each year. 

I even decorate the bathroom. I hang up garland and string up lights. The finishing touches are my Gingerbread hand soap and lotion. 

Speaking of problems...Lyla has an obsession with soap. She loves it when new soap shows up in the bathroom. She washes her hands just to wash them. She opens up the soap and smell it. She's a weirdo. Sometimes I hide the soap because she just can't leave it alone...clearly she gets her weirdness from....the hubs. 

Lyla loves this soap. She couldn't stop smelling her hands. I also have a family member who has sensitive skin and this did wonders for her. 

If you order from Thymes now you'll can redeem a free Thymes Sample Set (14 unique fragrances) with any $25 purchase or more.

When do you decorate? 
Do you have lots of decorations? 
What is your favorite decor? 

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