Wednesday, September 9, 2015

one. {birthday letter}

Dear Brooklyn,

I can not believe you are one! My baby is one! You are so cute, and I am beginning to see why mamas have soft spots for the baby of the family. Let me start off by saying your eyes are dreamy and I have lash envy. Your hands are cute and chubby, like someone put a rubber band around your wrist...I love that. You have six tiny bunny teeth. You use those teeth to bite me...multiple times a day...please stop that, it hurts. 

Everyone in the house is obsessed with you and they all think you like them the best. In actuality, we all know you love me the best, you my dear are obsessed with me. For a few months of your life you would hardy let anyone else hold you, I didn't mind because you're cute. For I while I though you just really loved me and you wanted me to pick you up all.the.time...but in reality it was probably because you wanted me to save you from being smothered by your I said before...they are totally obsessed with you. 

You will eat anything! You love fruits, veggies, and have even partaken in part of an eraser...and possibly a few crayons. You scream like a little Velociraptor if we don't feed you fast enough. When you really like something you smack your lips together over and over again. 

As of now, you appear to be left handed, just like your brother. You can crawl and have walked across the room a few times. We call you baby Godzilla because while you haven't quite mastered walking you try to scale the outside steps, get on the shoe bench, and porch chairs are your favorite place to hang out. You seem to have a my way or no way are also quite determined when you put your mind to something...for example getting into the trash can and playing with the wifi box and chords...everyday I tell you no, but the next day you test out the waters to see if I have changed my mind. I haven't, safety first my darling.

You say Da-da (you never say ma-ma) all the live long day and seem to enjoy being thrown up in the air by him...a future thrill seeker maybe? You are an accomplished clapper. You are a great sleeper and a great napper, if we are at home. Everyone says you look just like Jude, they are right. Elisabeth loves to snuggle with you while you drink your morning bottle, and Lyla...well she likes to color on you with marker...sorry about that. 

You have quite a few nicknames: Brooke, Brookie, Brookie pants, Brooks, Cooks, and Cookers.  Your name comes from THIS song. 

We love you so much and you are the perfect addition to this family. I can't wait to see what you become, what your personality turns into, and what God will do with your life. 

I love you so much.


Kelly said...

ONE? Honestly, where the time go?

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Miss Brooklyn!!!

Love that song. George my oldest is learning a plethora of Avett Brothers songs on his guitar. Its my favorite.

Amy @Set Free said...

So sweet! We call our Jude a velociraptor as well...oh the shrieks! She really is a little beauty...Happy First Birthday sweet one!