Sunday, September 6, 2015

mezzetta // 10 minute meal.

Confession: we almost never eat out. 

In case you might be wondering why, it's because we have four children. Taking four children out to eat should be a qualifying event for the olympics...or something like that. 

With that said, the children insist on eating dinner every.single.night. 

Second confession: sometimes I feed them cereal for dinner. 

Most nights we are home (which seems rare compared to most families) to cook an actual dinner. Other nights we are rushing to practice, games, school activities, birthday parties, and I need something quick to fix. 

Hello, quick and easy pasta.

I usually look for an all natural sauce...nothing preservatives. Mezzetta has just that. In fact they have a great line of sauces and flavors. I however, tend to stick with a marinara or garlic flavored. Pair this sauce up with a thin angel hair style pasta or a butternut ravioli (ummm, double the veggies!)  

In the time it takes to boil and cook your pasta, dinner is done. I usually just heat the sauce in a skillet while the pasta is cooking, and if it's in season I add fresh basil.

In just about 10 mins, you have a healthy, warm meal, the whole family will love.

Be sure to check out this giveaway from Mezzetta! (check it out it includes a $500 grocery gift card!) 


tagsthoughts said...

Sounds de-lish! And I love that it is vegetarian. (PS Thanks for sharing my Mezzetta tweets!)

MommaYoung said...

This looks amazing I love your recipe..