Monday, September 7, 2015

share a bear (for a good cause)

Do you have children? 

Do they share well?  

I have four children, and honestly they share great. I'm not sure if it's because there are four of them and they just don't really have a choice, or if they were taught from a young age that we share our stuff. 

We have a handful of special items, like blankets, and bun-buns, maybe something special earned at school...that don't get shared, ever. 

But for the most part, everything is fair game. From the time they were little, not sharing wasn't an  option. If they argue, and occasionally they still do, I usually give them one warning to work out something fair or I will remove the object they are fighting over. They usually work it out rather quickly. 

They have also learned that if they share with a sibling, that sharing is remembered and in turn that sibling will share with them in the future. 

I also like to point out how it doesn't feel good when others won't share with us, and to remember that we don't like how that let's do our best to not make others feel that way. 

We also like to practice giving and sharing with others. I recently teamed up with snuggle and their #shareabear campaign. Snuggle is donating to bears to children in need and you can help that cause HERE. They also sent us a box of bears to share with others. We choose to donate our bears to the local police station. Most local city halls and police stations will take stuffed animals and use those animals on calls involving children. 

Want to help make the world a softer place this SeptemBEAR? Check this link out to see how you can help donate a bear to a child in need just by taking a photo. 

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