the olive tree: diy glow lanterns.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

diy glow lanterns.

diy glow lanterns //  step one: a couple of kids that have been trapped inside because of the non-stop rain stir crazy kids // step two: read a buzz feed article full of ideas using dollar store items // step three: happen to have, on hand, more mason jars than you know what to do with // step four: gather the supplies you'll need: mason jars, water, dish soap, glow sticks, and glitter (optional) step five: add just a squirt of dish soap to the mason jar // step six: add at least two, or more, snapped glow sticks to jar // step seven: fill jar with water // step eight: add glitter // step nine: clean up spilt glitter and question why you didn't make glitter optional // step ten: watch children say "ohhh" and "ahhhhh" and scream "look at the sparkles! it's like pixie dust!" ... and then be happy you added glitter. 

In all seriousness all three of my kids loved this simple project! They slept with their lantern at night and even asked to do it again!

Happy creating! 

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Superb effect! Definitely will try this out! Must be fun! :)