Friday, May 8, 2015


sometimes i think if i do nothing else with my life, being their mom will be more than enough. sometimes i sneak outside for just 5 mins of silence. sometimes after  2  mins of sneaking off someone always finds me. sometimes they want to snuggle and i scoop them up because i know they won't need me forever. sometimes i feed them organic milk, and organic fruit, and force them to eat organic veggies. sometimes i wonder if maybe i could get away without feeding them dinner at all. sometimes i feed them cereal instead of a meal, and sometimes i let them have dairy queen for supper, because dairy queen doesn't require clean up. sometimes i build massive tents in the hallway, equipped with christmas lights, and popcorn. sometimes i threaten to throw all their toys away if they don't get picked up. sometimes i spend hours reading to them on the porch. sometimes i skip pages because some of them can't read and they will never know the difference. sometimes i count down the minutes until bedtime. sometimes i miss them terribly the second they fall asleep. sometimes i just want 10 minutes out of the day where someone doesn't need something from me. sometimes  little moments steal my heart in ways i could  never have imagine. sometimes i just stare at their little faces soaking up all their features instead of listening  to a word they say. sometimes i go all day with out turning on the tv, and other days i let them watch it for hours. sometimes i iron their clothes and fix their hair. sometimes  they stay in their pjs all day long. sometimes we go on road trips and sometimes we play in the back yard. sometimes i lose my patience and go to bed feeling guilty. sometimes i make homemade cookies, and go all out for holidays, and try my best to make birthdays special. sometimes the days are long but the years are short.  sometimes i wish i could freeze time and keep them little forever, because time is a chump. sometimes i feel like i will blink and they will be gone. sometimes i spend hours praying over their lives, and dreams, and for god's plans to be evident to them. sometimes i feel so much love for them i literally think my heart might burst. sometimes i feel so incredibly blessed to them mine. sometimes i love that i'm lucky enough to have them call me mom. 

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