Tuesday, May 5, 2015

free to be, laundry, and a cute baby.


A child with sensitive skin. ✔️
A child that manages to get grass stains on everything they own. ✔️
A child that changes (usually it's necessary) at least three times a day. ✔️
A baby that spits up. ✔️
A person or two that get spit up on. ✔️
A few uniforms that need to be washed weekly. ✔️
A person who goggles harmful effects of dyes and fragrances. ✔️
A household of six. ✔️ 
A silent wish that there was actually such a thing as a laundry fairy. ✔️✔️✔️

With all the above needs listed while doing laundry...it should be pretty clear that I loathe the laundry.  I do on average 2 loads a day, about 7 days a week. That's a lot of laundry. I have to sort by family member, use different soaps, and pre-treat. Let's also talk about baby laundry soap shall we??...good stuff...but the rest of the household doesn't want to walk around smelling like baby powder all day...especially my husband. The icing on the cake was about a week or so ago, I found myself yelling from the kitchen for my children to STOP rolling in the grass because I didn't want to clean the grass stains. 

I mean...they are kids!!!!Aren't they supposed to run, and yell, and get dirty, and be free to be? That's exactly what I want them to do...play and get dirty! Enough was enough. Time to changes things up. That's when all free clear came into my life. No more sorting by child, or massive pre-treating, no more washing the babies clothes first...this meets every need of the above check list. Where have you been the last few years of my life all free clear? Glad, I found you. 

Check out all free clear here. 
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17 Perth said...

That's actually the detergent we use--and have used for a while. We love it! Also--can't imagine that amount of laundry! 😳😂