Friday, March 14, 2014


Lately the weather has been lovely. It feels like we have been trapped inside for months, so we have been taking full advantage of any nice weather. We have done the following...

painted with watercolors
had tea parties outside
went geocaching
made banana pancakes
walked home from school
styled new sunglasses
had a very first baseball practice
played at the park
soaked up the sunshine

Have you been enjoying the weather lately?


LOVE, DANICA said...

Can you adopt me?! I want banana pancakes, tea parties and playing in the park! Too much fun, and your kids are adorable! Enjoy your weekend!

Amy Caudill said...

Love the pink sunnies! what a cutie!

Ashlea Durrett said...
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Ashlea Durrett said...

So fun! We've been doing about the same! Yumm pancakes !!

17 Perth said...

I have been totally stealing moments outside lately! Sunshine is just good for the soul.
Two more things: banana pancakes are seriously probably my favorite. And geocaching? Never been, but heard it's fun!

Susan Liberatore said...

Any moment that you can be outside this month is a good moment! Gosh, I can't wait for it to warm up. Such cute pics!!! xox

Purposely at Home said...

yes! weather is becoming amazing. loved seeing all the fun things that y'all have been able to take part in.


Care said...

they are little byndles of joy! Love the happy faces!! its the easy going days that the big memories are made.