Thursday, March 13, 2014

knowledge and what I have googled lately.

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Knowledge. I think it's true what they say knowledge is power. I read a lot, and it intrigues me to know that if I simply wonder something, I most likely can find the answer with in a matter of minutes. It requires almost no effort, and information is at my finger tips. Plus, Jude asks me about 100 questions a day, and I honestly don't know most of the answers. With that said I ask my bff Google, a lot. Really life changing questions...ok maybe more like really random questions like the following items I have Googled with in the last week...

Are Lilies of the Valley poisonous?
When is " Beware of the ides of March?
What should my hydrangea bush look like in the winter?
How to remove washed stickers from clothing?
How to remove bubble gum from clothing? 
How old was Noah?
How much does a bear weigh? 
Can dogs get pink eye? I said really important pieces of information.

So tell me what have you Googled lately?

p.s. Do you know what you should never Google? Medical questions or aliments...the out come is never good...even if it is just a paper cut. 


Kelly said...

we google everything…unless my husbands home. He makes us ponder the question for a while because "if we think about it hard enough we may already now the answer." and "our brains our turning into cyber mush."

Last night i googled: who won every season of the voice?
we just started watching. :)

Erica said...

It fascinates me that I used to have to go look in the library, or simply not know something. I do think google is wonderful for info, though I prefer to search wikipedia directly. Last thing I searched for was the exact definition of a jersey ;)

Leah said...

place a cube of ice on the bubble gum so it hardens and comes off. it might still leave a little bit of residue, but that usually helps. i googled that one a while back too.
i google just about everything also, and while we're on the subject i'll share what made me chuckle a little bit. on the history of our tablet, my daughter googled: how to make your brothers leave you alone?
haha. sweet girl.

17 Perth said...

Seeing as how I just gave birth, you probably don't want to know what I've googled lately! Lol. Bbbbuuuuttttt.....I cannot honestly imagine the number of times Judah and I have said to each other the last few weeks, "what did we do before google!". Haha. And agreed about the medical questions....I should have died already a few times. ;)

Susan Liberatore said...

This is hilarious! I sometimes see my husband's history and laugh out loud at how one train of thought leads to another.
I think I'm mostly googling all things Croatia right now!!!