Monday, March 17, 2014

may or may not.

{ photo source + how to = cutesy crafts }

may or may not

I may or may not have purchased the all green lucky charms for St. Patty's day breakfast.

That small task may or may not concluded my st. Patrick's Day celebration.

I may or may not really not care about this Holiday.

The only reason I may or may not wear green is b/c my oldest daughter learned in public school that you can pitch people if they don't wear green.

She may or may not have informed her brother of this rule.

They may or may not be on the look look out for anyone not wearing green.

They may or may not have contemplated pinching the dog this morning.

Also, on a totally unrelated subject I may or may not be teaming up with my bloggy friend Susan for a HUGE giveaway coming your way later this week...and I do mean HUGE!

Anything you may or may not be up to today?


Susan Liberatore said...

SOOOO excited for our giveaway!!! Eeek.
And I may or may not have forgotten it is St. Patrick's Day today! Prob because my furnace motor went and it may or may not be 15 degrees in the house right now. :/

Meg {henninglove} said...

super cute and super crafty! now only if i had a little girl for me to make this and her to wear it, people might give be funny looks if i put this on my son

Jennifer Prod said...

hehe, whether or not you care about the holiday, i hope you're wearing green to avoid pinches, and you sure do pick some fun headbands :)

Alicia Salazar said...

I may or may not eat way too much cake!

Leah said...

i accidentaly wore green today and feel like i accomplished something in not getting pinched! haha. excited to hear about the giveaway!

Alli said...

Why am I 27 years old and still so excited about Lucky Charms?