Monday, March 21, 2011

ice cream man.

Dear ice cream man,

You are my nemesis. I am sure we had this talk last year, but here it goes again. Please do NOT ring your happy little ice cream man music as loud as humanly possible, sending my four year into a frantic race up stairs to her room....where she reaches for her treasure chest to find her hard saved money to give to you. I in turn am running around for a shoes, a blue eyed boy, keys, extra money because my 4 year old really does think a dime will buy her what she wants. We stand out side to wait for you...and it never fails you ALWAYS turn down the opposite street!! So next time you decide to drive in our neighborhood take a look in your rear-view mirror... Do you see the lady waving her hands like a maniac, jumping up a down, holding a bare foot 35 lb kid that is trying to wiggle out of her arms...while a helpless 4 year is standing at her side holding all the money she has been saving for the last few months...crying huge alligator tears...yeah that's me. So if you could and it is not to much trouble try and turn in my direction next time or kindly turn your music off...thanks so very much.


p.s. When this does happen , and trust me it happens often. We usually call the hubs on the phone, and because daddies don't like to hear their little girls upset...he usually promises her a trip to the ice cream shop when he gets home. :)

p.s.s we had lovely spring weather this weekend! ...Windows open, long walks, bike riding...ahhh :)


kayla rotola said...

awwww... : ( that makes me sad. poor girl. good thing she has such a good daddy.

christine donee said...

I can totally relate. As a 24 year old, when I hear that wonderful music the 4 year old inside of me goes crazy with excitement for a bugs bunny ice cream pop. Total bliss.