the olive tree: Christmas Eve.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Christmas Eve.

We woke up Christmas Eve to a blanket full of snow! We bundled up and walked the empty streets of our neighborhood. We walked up to visit grandpa soveling his drive way and snapped a few photos by grandmas trees. We rushed back home to have Christmas Eve brunch with my grandparents. We devoured bagels, opens presents, and raced to unwrap a plastic wrap ball. We came home to get the house ready for Christmas Eve night. We ate frozen pizza and got depressed about the Dolphins. We dressed up and headed to candle light service at church. We sang Christmas songs, spilt coffee, laid in the isles and watched toy videos, and worshiped the king of kings and the lord of lords. We hosted Christmas Eve at our house and served dessert and coffee...because well...I didn’t want to cook...ain’t nobody got time for that. We played Heads Up! and fellowshipped. We ended the night by stuffing the stockings and relaxing by the twinkle lights of the tree. 

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