the olive tree: Branson recap.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Branson recap.

Road trip! // just for the day...because a kindergartner we know had missed too many days of school to spend the night // lunch! // a long wait // Lambert’s... home of the thrown rolls! // pictures, hugs for strangers, and finding where we live in the map // good eats (for some) // silver dollar city! // illegal turn(s) // crossing a busy road...and beating the crowds // 60 degree weather // roller coaster rides! // Lyla’s first big coaster! Mom though she’d be though she’d be brave! // dad was right! // she handled it like a champ! // giggles and sqeals! // started to watch a show...left the we could enjoy rides! // kiddie rides! // melt downs because a strong willed three year old wanted to ride the butterfly ride // waited in line for the butterfly ride // waited even longer so we could ride the PINK butterfly // so many Christmas lights! // the parade // so many beautiful Christmas lights! // a drive home // he’s on the WRONG side of the highway!!!! // home // 

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