the olive tree: Summer recap.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Summer recap.

And just like that summer is over. This summer has been one for the memory bank. We traveled more in the last three months than we have in years // waited out thunderstorms in Branson // visited mini replica baseball fields // mini golf // camped // rode the train at siiiiiiillllveeer dolllaaaaaaar ciiiiiiitttyyyu // hung out with uncle al & Lyla's bff Robbie // stuffed our faces at Lambert's cafe - home of the thrown rolls // we terrorized the Bass Pro Shop in Springfield // took a table to the eye // sampled fudge // fished // some of us fished mush longer than others // baseball games // more baseball

 games // home runs // took first place // traveled to the Field of Dreams movie set // had a catch until sunset // is this heaven? no it's Iowa // ate chocolate and pastries from Pella, Iowa. // played some more baseball // went swimming for hours // had coffee on the porch and talked about Jesus // sleep overs with cousins // played more baseball // cheered on our swimmer // won blue ribbons // stayed up until midnight watching movies // drove through five states to see the ocean // the smell of sand, sun and salt water // took pictures unknowingly with jelly fish // bought a raft to protect ourselves from the 1.1 million fish // went to St. Andrews state park // ate pizza in a rain storm // status as a camping curse still stands // collected sand dollars and thoughtfully threw them back in the water// finding "hidden" starfish all over the beach // losing all our Paw Patrol pups in the sand // watched the sunset every single night // a loss of Harvey // lets get a puppy! // no. // let's get a puppy!? // ok. but only if you pay for it // lets have a consession stand! // ...and 48 hours later they have all the money we need for a puppy // celebrated freedom // took jumping photos // set off smoke bombs // watch the sky light up // cheered on our fish and won more 1st place ribbons // drove

 4.5 hours to pick up our pup // meet Samson! // Jefferson City and more exploring // celebrated birthdays // toured our city // visited new libraries // play dates with friends // more sleep overs with cousins // one last road trip // traveled with a 10 week old puppy // Notre Dame university// mass in a breathtaking church // brought the most popular man on campus ... Samson // went camping again // called for a beautiful clear night // it poured down rain  // still a camping curse // biking riding and dairy farms // dancing to music // bike ride talks // an epic raft trip // unicorn raft for the win! // incredibly beautiful sand dunes // a drive up north // fridged waters // quaint towns // a much needed break from the heat // a long drive home // kennel training a puppy // more pools days and sleepovers with cousins /swim suits and in brushed hair for daaaaays / more Jesus and coffee on the porch // // lazy days, saved by the bell watching, and board game playing //  it was pure bliss // 

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