Thursday, August 10, 2017

That time we went to Notre Dame. {South Bend}

We took a trip to Michigan this year. My husband, who is an avid sports lover, suggested we stop in South Bend along the way...and since I've watched the movie  Rudy once or twice...I agreed. 

Hello, Notre Dame. Wow! What an amazingly beauty campus! I had the privilege of going to college at what I thought was a pretty school...but Notre Dame blow Jewell out of the water. Every single detail of this campus is manicured. There wasn't a spot or blemish to be seen outside. The landscaping made me want to go home and add fresh flowers to every nook and cranky. There was such a history and beauty in the building. 

We explored the campus, took our picture by touch down Jesus. Visited the church during mass. Oh my. It was so incredibly breathing taking inside the could feel God's presence...and could really sense a reverence in the worship. 

Also...we met the most popular man on campus!!!! Actually, we brought the most popular man on campus with us. Samson. He was such a huge hit! College students sure do miss their dogs!! He was loved, petted, kissed, and was even almost stolen when a group of foreign exchange tourists begged to take a picture with him...and then proceeded to walk away with him. Don't worry...the hubs chased them down and got him back. 

Unfortunately, the football stadium was under construction. The hubs was so bummbed. We tried to break the rules and sneak up to the gate just to get a glimpse...but this place was locked up like Alcatraz...mall cops around every corner. 

Oh well. We may have to come back for a football game...because if this place was stunning in summer I can't imagine how gorgeous it is in the fall. 

Have you ever been to South Bend? 

Would you travel here? 

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