Sunday, August 20, 2017

That time we floated down a river in a unicorn raft.

That time my extremely adventurous husband (and by "adventurous" I mean sometimes dangerous) talked us all into "floating" down a creek in a 🦄 🌈 rainbow unicorn raft...with a 12 week old puppy in tow. "It will be fun!" he said. "It's only a two mile trip," the people at the campground said. "It's only two to four feet deep, you can walk the whole way," the creek workers said. Lies. ALL LIES. 900 mosquitos bites, one sopping wet puppy, areas where no adult could touch, a panicked (and very dramatic) five year old who was screaming, "I want Grandpa!" "I should have stayed with Grandpa!" "Why did I ever go on the trip!?" "I want to go home!", possibly the beginning symptoms of hypothermia, a random and very creepy passer by kayak-er who was making Deliverance movie references, forks in the river, a few tree branches to leg, a man in a green shirt who gave us hope that there was an end in sight, and 2.5 hours later...we smelt hot dogs...and spotted Grandpa! #forawhilewethoughtwemightbeonanepisodeofishouldntbealive #athreehourtour #thewaterwassocold #howdidigettalkedintothis #itwasthebrowneyesandthecharmingsmile #itsbeenmyweaknessforyears #wewillreferencethistripthenexttimehewantstobeadventurous #nowthatwesurvivedwecanlaugh #forthosewhoknowmyhusbandinreallifeprobablyarelaughting #ibetwewereasight #fivepeopleandawetshakingpuppyonaunicornraft #rainbowunicornraft #amemorableday 

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