Tuesday, April 18, 2017

March recap.





March you were a good one. // family days // retirement parties // bottle feeding a baby cow, four wheelers,  horses, and laughing // country drives // green archers is the place for me // rain, so much rain // dreary sad weather // what is this thing you call the sun??? I've forgotten //  one nice day of treasure hunting at the lake //  Harvey swimming for the first time and gas station snacks // a few days later SNOW! // the weather is bipolar// more rain and clouds // I'm not sitting in the house another day // let's drive away from the rain // I know where to go! // truman's room and al capone's room // we are hungry // what's that amazing smell??? // excelsior springs and walbash...oh so good! // almost five! // a friend tea party // getting our ears pierced! // so brave NO TEARS! // a family party // now it's actually your birthday...one more cupcake // grandpas birthday and playing with cousins // kindergarten round up // more rain // 

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