the olive tree: Birthday recap. {Lyla}

Friday, April 21, 2017

Birthday recap. {Lyla}


Lyla's fifth birthday was filled with fun and excitement. She had originally planned to have 1.57 million birthday parties but in the end she settled on having two. She had one tea party with her friends complete with the trolls birthday cake. The second party was filled with family and toys surprises. Is anyone else's child obsessed with toy videos the way my younger two daughters are? We made a cake I bought blind bag toys and Lyla had the pure treat of opening each toy and placing it on top of her birthday cake. In between parties miss Lyla girl requested getting her ears pierced...she was so brave! She didn't even cry. While we were at the beauty salon getting her ears pierced she also had her hair curled and fixed...she was on cloud nine. On her actual birthday we woke up had church at home...went to the mall to snuggle puppies...only to find out the store didn't open until noon...we couldn't wait because Jude had we picked up McDonalds Happy meals and had a picnic on the floor at home...then we headed on over to grandma and grandpa's house for dinner and celebrate grandpa's 64th birthday. It was a lovely weekend. 

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