the olive tree: March 24th. {a recap}

Friday, April 21, 2017

March 24th. {a recap}


Sometimes you just need to get out of the house and explore. It was a crazy rainy month of March...a gloomy month...filled with clouds and no sun. We may or may not have been going stir crazy. We decided to drive away from the storms...or so we though. We headed up to the fine city of Excelsior Springs Missouri. We decided to explore the elms hotel which is filled with history of Harry Truman and Al Capone. We ended up outside exploring the grounds and the creeks outside when out of nowhere a torrential down pour hit us. It was great we laughed dodge raindrops jumped over puddles...and then got hungry. We could decide where to eat...but we could smell the amazing smoked meat from Walbash...our noses acted like a cartoon character carring our bodies to the smell. We had a lovely lunch tormenting Brooklyn with pickles...drinking soda...and eating the worlds best smoked ribs. We finished the day by taking the soon to be birthday girl to Build-A-Bear to get a stuffed pup and Skye doll. It was a lovely day. 

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