Friday, March 17, 2017

Bathroom redo + Pfister.


 AFTER // BEFORE ... like my mis-matched drain?



It's so pretty. 

We recently re-painted our half bath on the main level of our house. It had been seven years since the last paint job. It was time. 

I'd like to say someone else painted to bathroom a VERY bold green with gold stencil...but it was me sooooooo. I liked it seven years ago...but change is good. 

I also understand that farmhouse style/ Joanna Gaines is all the rage...Don't get me wrong I love Fixer Upper...and I love white...but I'm more of a dark color girl...I like warm tones...golds...

Oh. I also have FOUR children...white would never work in this house. I'd lose my mind with trying to clean the cute tiny finger prints. 

For the paint I went with Inkwell from Sherwin Williams. 

The color is a deep dark blue...actually found in the black color hues. I was worried it would be too dark since there are no windows in the bathroom...but I think it turned out elegant. I brightened the bathroom up with gold and white decor. 

Next...I moved on to the eye sore in the room...the faucet. These faucets were your basic standard faucets that came with the house...except they were silver and I wanted a rustic chrome we decided to spray paint them. That was actually a very quick and affordable fix! However...there was really no way to paint the drain. Sooooo it stayed silver...classy, I know. If you can years of wear and tear on a spray painted was time for it to go. 

I have blogged for Pfister in the past and really fell in love with their quality products! So when they emailed me about a new program to review their amazing products for free...I was over the moon! 

I literally did a happy dance! 

They were gracious enough to sent me the Breckenridge faucet...I'm in LOVE with this look! 

The sleek and tall spout is exactly what I was picturing with this bathroom remodel! And...for the first time in years our drain has matched the spout. ( hallelujah!) 

This faucet was easy for me to instal...and of course by "me"...I mean the husband. He had this installed in a matter of time. We only ran into one hiccup...the water hose that came with the faucet wasn't long enough to reach the water pipe. This was a simple trip to the local home improvement store...and cost about $10. 

I am so happy with this's so fresh and elegant...the faucet is hands down my favorite part. I adore the look of this room so much...I thought about banning small children from using this restroom...I can call it the GUEST bathroom may work...for a week or so...

Cost breakdown: 

New hand towels: $6 (Sam's Club) 
New decor: $5 (Target's dollar section) 
Faucet: $195 (FREE in exchange for honest review via Pfister

COST: $240 


essays said...

This bathroom decor is enchanting! if i has a bath like this , i would never get out of it haha.i got lots of great ideas from your blog for my next apartment. take care.

floor expansion joint said...

This bath room has beautiful interior. I never seen black interior before in any bath room its totally new and unique. Typical crystal color looks bad if its not cleaned all the time and to keep it clean everytime is difficult when you have kids.