Saturday, February 11, 2017

Tundra learning for preschoolers.


I am always looking for fun ways to learn with my youngest girls.  I find hands on learning is always more engaging for preschool aged children. We spent a fun winter day learning all about habitats. We focused on the frozen Tundra first...because it felt like a Tundra outside. 

• We watch Magic School Bus goes to the Artic (available on Netflix) and we read a few books about polar bears and penguins. 

• We made an "igloo" (which happened to be a white sheet wrapped around our teepee) Lyla and Brooklyn love the teepee...they even gathered up all the penguins, polar bear and attic wolf stuffed animals they could hang out with them. 

While the girls were enjoying a little learning via Ms. Frizzle...I started to put together the artic habitat. I gathered up two foil cake pans. I filled one with water and dyed it blue. The other tin I filled up with cornstarch and water...this mixture is great for creating a "snow" like form. 

NOTE: the cornstarch mixture is crazy I had my kiddos play with this in the bath tub. 

Earlier that day...I placed a few ocean friends...into ice cube trays and pop molds. I also added a few drops blue dye to some of the cubes. Once these froze I added them to the water. I gave my little darlings spray bottles filled with warm water to help "free" their animal friends from the ice. 

My girls had a great time learning all about the Artic and they had a ton of fun playing in the snow mixture. In fact that asked to do it al over again the next day.

The best part is I had all the objects I need on hand! You'd be amazed what items you have available if you just look. 

Would you ever try this? 

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