the olive tree: Three little pigs {a preschool activity}

Monday, February 13, 2017

Three little pigs {a preschool activity}


How to have fun and learn in 17 easy steps. 

1.) Live in a state with winter 2.) Add flu season to winter and make a vow to not visit any public places until spring 3.) Feel a bit like "Jack" from The Shinning with all the screaming...sister fighting...and lack of socializing with anyone over the age of four...kidding...kidding. 4.) Read The Three Little Pigs 5.) Discuss The True Story of The Three Little Pigs and then watch a read along on YouTube ...because while the children watch you can have coffee. 6.) Marvel at your four year old's genius level when she suggests that we should build the piglets houses. 7.) Build a house of straw using yellow blocks...a house of sticks using brown blocks...and a house of bricks using red blocks. 8.) Build the houses again because your two year old knocked over the houses. 9.) Have a discussion about how name calling our sister is not nice...and further explain that she didn't purposely knock over the houses. 10.) Watch the little sister purposely knocked over the houses...again. 11.) Build the houses one last time. 12.) Send the little sister up stairs to to collect the Peppa Pig family...cause you know...we need some Pigs. 13.) Find a stuffed wolf...'cause a "big bad wolf" was also needed. 14.) Take turns "huffing" and "puffing" and "blowing" the houses down! 15.) Repeat step 14 approximately 18 million times. 16.) Clean up the mess. 17.) Snuggle up with a few sweet girls and watch Disney's The Three Little Pigs. 

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