Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Letters + salt + glitter.


I know I have posted this activity in the past...but this is an updated "Lyla" version. For Jude I used to put salt in a left over Chinese take out container and have him practice drawing letters in the salt...also while using flash cards. 

Lyla is at the stage where she is practicing writing I pulled out this trusty idea to work on letter writing with her. She wasn't too impressed with it at was a little too dull for her...and little too boring...soooooooo I had a light bulb idea...glitter. Everything is more fun with glitter. That's all it took...she was into writing her letters. 

Please note: The glitter does get all over hands...and possibly can leave a trail counter this project isn't for those who don't like messes...or kiddos who don't like to get dirty. 😊

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