Thursday, October 27, 2016

Mummy drinks.



Every year I sign up to bring the drinks to my children's Fall Party. 

I sign for the sole reason of turning those drinks into mummy's. 

This is such an easy DIY and it always puts a smile on little faces.

You'll need: 

White streamers 
Google eyes (I used sticky backed eyes) 
Glue -(for eyes if non-stick eyes are being used) 

I decided to go with liters for my oldest daughters class. Fingers crossed that 4th graders can manage to not spill their drinks all over the classroom. 

First tie your streamer around the base of the bottle. Then wrap the streamer around and around until it resembles a mummy. Last stick eyes on the streamer. It took me a total of five minutes I complete this taste. 

Would you ever try this?

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