Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Shutterfly Make My Book ™

This post is sponsored by Shutterfly. Let us curate your photos and design a beautiful photo book for you.

Hello. My name is Christina and I'm a photo hoarder. You know the kind...the one who has to delete apps...in order to take more photos.

I'm not even ashamed...

I am also very, very, very terrible at printing my photos...

Actually about the only thing I am good at is posting my favorite pictures to Instagram.

Thank goodness for Shutterfly...

Did you know that you can upload your Instagram (and other social media accounts) to Shutterfly?

Did you further know that Shutterfly is now offering the Make My Book™ Service ... this is such a neat concept! In this crazy busy world...I barely have time to upload my memories...yet alone spend an hour + creating a photo book! I have four children...I haven't had an hour of spare time in years. Make My Book™is an amazing concept and it is so easy to use!!! 

I simply connected my IG account...and Shutterfly uploaded all my photos.

I selected 100 of my favorites.

I selected the style of book I liked. (Tons of designs and extras to choose from!)

I selected the Make My Book™ and waited two days for an email.

I reviewed my book. (You can make all the changes you'd like)

I submitted my order and waited for my book to arrive.

I spent about 10 minutes of my time and I now have a huge 11X14 photo book filled with my memories! 

I really loved the job the designers did with my book! I didn't change a thing.

Honestly the only thing I would have changed would have been the front cover...Lyla made the cut in 6 of the featured photos...and let me tell you the older children noticed...jealous...much? Clearly the designers had no idea that children count how many times they are and aren't featured on a front cover of a photo book. ;) 

This was such a time saver! 

These would make amazing gifts for the upcoming holidays! 

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