Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Share a Song Road Trip + a travel journal.

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Road trips, are you a fan?

I love road trips, love them.

Share a Coke and a Song, makes for the perfect addition to any adventure. Songs and lyrics can really take you back...they can enhance a memory. Every summer I have had at least one song that stands out, one song that seems to be the anthem for that year. 

I wanted a way to tie that one song, of the road trip, to a tangible memory.

I decided to create a travel journal. 

You'll need:

a journal - any will do...you can pick these up at any retailer or thrift store. 
instant photos (optional, but help capture in the moment memories)
stickers/ label maker to mark pages...songs listen to...places we ate...and so on (optional) 

I started off by listing the place we visited and made sure I documented the dates we traveled there. I added games, in the journal, like tic tac toe...hangman...and MARSH (mansion, apartment, ranch, shack, and house) ...who didn't love playing that game as a child???? Playing MA(R)SH as an adult would be a thousand times more fun, plus it is a great way to pass time. 

I created a page to write down what songs were listened to on the trip. Road trips are always a lovely way to hang out and listen to good tunes.

I made a page to write down all the places we stopped at, a page for the best foods we ate, and a page for funny memories to be stored. 

If your an artist, you could have a page for sketching and doodling.

I also, left a few pages so that I could tape down ticket stubs, restaurant receipts, and other items along those lines. 

I designated a page to write down my favorite moment of the trip, the happiest I felt, if we got lost, and all the other moments that create a journey. I would take instant photos along the way and tape them to the book and write the memories of the photo along side the image. 

I like the idea of a travel journal, because I can write the memories down while they are fresh. 

So before your next road trip, swing by Sam's Club and pick up a 28 pack of Coca–Cola so you can Share a Song, and a drink with your road trip companions. Be sure to pick up a journal so you can write down all your memories while they are happening. 



Nicole Elliott said...

This is such a great idea! I love road trips, too, and having this as a way to document and remember them is great, especially since it doubles as a time passer on the road. We'll have to do this next time! ~ Client

Daisy Girl said...

These cokes are so cute! I had no idea they made these. Perfect for road trips and summer :)