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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

How to change a FRAM Extra Guard Air Filter + how to survive a road trip with children.

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Do you take road trips?

Do you take road trips with children?

Before my family of six takes off to explore the great unknown, there are a few things I do the husband does in order to prep the car for the journey.

  • change the oil
  • gas up the car the night BEFORE the trip (this saves so much time!)
  • check the air in the tires
  • clean and vacuum the car
  • load the car the night before the trip
  • change the air filer

Have you ever changed an air filter?

There are many benefits to having a clean air filter...

Air filters are the engine's first line of defense.

Having a clean air filter improves airflow, plus it prevents dirt and dust from entering and damaging the engine.

Changing your air filter and having a clean air filter can increase accelerations, horsepower, and improve overall engine performance.

If you take your car to a shop to have this done, the cost is right around $25 dollars (give or take) doing this yourself you can save around $10...PLUS the hassle of not waiting at a car shop...waiting at a car shop is the worst, the worst.  

You can change the filter yourself in just a few easy steps.

First, buy a FRAM Extra Guard Air Filter...I picked mine up at my local Walmart.

Note: They have a book sitting by the filters, that tells you exactly what size you will need for your particular car make and model. 

Next, locate where your air filter goes. Ours was under the hood. (see your car manual for location) 

Then, unscrew the screws that hold the filter in place. There were six screws in all, on our cover. The screws were star check that detail out before you start the might need to purchase a special screwdriver to help with this task. I honestly had no idea that, that there were even star shaped screws. Once all screws are removed take off the top cover.

note: be sure to be safe...unlike this guy...and wear safety gloves.

Next, be grossed out by how dirty and icky your old filter is and marvel at how clean and lovely the new filter is.

Last, place the cover back on top and tighten all the screws. This filter change took just about five minutes. to survive a road trip with children...don't go on one? Kidding, kidding.

1.) Don't show all your cards at once. This is key. I never hand out snacks, drinks, or toys the first hour of the road trip. I pace myself. They can handle looking out the window...or talking to their siblings for for some time. I stagger what I give them, toys for an hour or so...then snacks...then maybe a little movie watching...and then a drink...then some more toys...followed by candy. 

2.) Be prepared. I place all drinks in one cooler and all snacks in another. Also, plan your drinks accordingly...I've got a kiddo who has a tiny if I don't want to stop every 30 mins to use the bathroom...I must ration drinks in the car. I also pack candy, and other treats I wouldn't normally allow them to eat at 9 am. My youngest daughter looooooves suckers, I always make sure I have those handy...I hold out on giving them to her as long as I can.

3.) Music. Have a selection of songs ready. Music can be a sanity me I've listen to a song on repeat just to keep my baby from screaming.

4.) If possible, drive early in the morning, at night, or around nap time if you have smaller children. My children wake up on average between 7-8 am. If we have a 10 hour road trip in front of us we leave our house around 4:30-5 am. My children always fall back to sleep and when they wake up, 4 hours of the road trip is over!  

5.) Pack tablets or travel T.V.'s. There are nice to have, but I never bank on my children wanting to use these for 10 hours. They aren't huge T.V. watchers...and my oldest gets car sick very this isn't the best option for her...but they are still handy to have on long drives. Often times, I buy a new movie they have never watched.

6.) Buy a handful of new never before seen toys! They don't have to be expensive! I visited my local dollar store, the dollar section of crafts stores, and Walmart's birthday party sections. Some of my favorite purchases for roads trips are as follows....

Magnetic board games (that way the pieces don't get lost) 
Stickers...I'd like to thank the inventor of stickers, stickers have saved the day more than once.
Zip pouches...I stuff the pouches with little toys...and my baby loves to zip and un-zip.
Lip balm and a mirror (this is handy because one of my daughters is really into lip balm and likes to look at herself...the baby gets a kick out of travel mirrors too) 
Bandages...You never know when you might need one...and my children can get worked up over a paper cut in a matter of seconds.
New pens, paper, and pencils. (they can draw, play hang man, tic tac toe, write stories, and play MASH) 
Glow sticks
Silly putty
Arts and crafts (small items) 
Favorite toys and lovelies.
Odd items your children like. ( parents you know what I'm talking about, my baby loves to play with spoons, remotes, and other weird items that aren't toys...pack those.) 


Would you ever change your air filter yourself?

Be sure to pick up your FRAM Extra Guard Air Filter at Walmart, today!

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