Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Harvey, a DIY NO SEW dog bed, and Purina® Pro Plan® Savor Shredded Blend.

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I am noticing a lot of signs that ol' Harvey boy is getting older. He is starting to grey in the face, stairs aren't the easiest thing for him, and he sleeps a lot more.

The sad fact is dogs don't live forever. I want to savor the moments I have with him while I can. 

Purina® Pro Plan® Savor Shredded Blend, which can be picked up at PetSmart, can help with that. We used to feed Harvey in the basement, because we couldn't seem to keep the baby away from the dog food. Recently, the stairs have started to get tough for him, and he wasn't wanting to go downstairs to eat. That prompted us to start feeding him on the porch while we drank our morning coffee. I think he prefers his meals this way. He has company now, and we get to hang out with him while he eats his breakfast. 

Mealtime is a moment worth savoring and Purina® Pro Plan® Savor helps your pet do just that, so you both of you can savor the moments of Summer.

Purina® Pro Plan® Savor Shredded Blend offers outstanding Nutrition and is high-quality nutrition with a taste dogs absolutely love. The main thing I look for in dog food is real poultry, meat, or fish as the #1 ingredient...Purina® Pro Plan® Savor Shredded Blend has just that...this is key for Harvey...if that isn't the number one ingredients...it isn't ehem...fun to clean up the after math. 

Speaking of summer, and dogs, and sweet moments. 

Harry, got a new dog bed. 
Did he need a new dog bed? 
Probably not. 

However, as I mentioned it is getting harder for him to sit down and stand up...and a little extra cushion helps this process. He already has a dog bed in our room, and in the living room, and I figured he needed one on the porch too.

Also, he's cute and he lets the baby bite him and does nothing to retaliate. 

I wanted his new dog bed to match the patio cushions...so I set out to make my own! I also didn't want to spend $40+ on something that was going to sit outside.

Ok, ok,....and I didn't want to sew, so I made a NO-SEW dog bed...It was sooooooooo easy! It took a total of 20 mins. 

You'll need:

fabric (1-2 yards...depending on size of the dog) (COST: anywhere from $4-$10 per yard)
stuffing (COST: $4-10...depending on how much you need)
heat bond tape- I used the thickest I could find...since my project was big. (picked up at any craft store) (COST: $3)

First, plug in the iron and turn it up high.

Next, Fold in half. You should be looking at the backside of your fabric. The pretty side should be one the inside...the dull side should be what you are looking at.

note: If your fabric is wrinkled give it a quick iron. 

Then, measure and cut your heat bond tape. Unfold your fabric and place your tape along the right edge, fold your fabric back over. The heat bond should now be between the fabric.

Then, using the hot iron, iron over the top of the fabric. Back and forth, getting the corners, do this for a few minutes...you want the heat bond tape to melt.

REPEAT the same process for the left side on the bed.

Once both sides are heated, you should have a little pocket. Check your edges and make sure they are sealed, if they don't feel secure...then iron a bit more. When it feels sturdy flip your fabric inside out...

Like so...

Open your bed and start stuffing with stuffing. The more...the better, this will really flatten over time.


Once, your bed is filled to your liking. Fold the bottom edge over, using heating bond tape to make it stick. Do the same thing to the top side. This step isn't really necessary, but it will give you a nice clean edge to work with. After you have a flat edge, use more heat bond to seal the opening together. 

That's it! An easy no sew dog bed!! 

Would you ever make this for your pup?

Are you feeding your Dog the best you can? A wholesome brand like, Purina® Pro Plan® Savor Shredded Blend.

Be sure to pick up your pets favorite flavor at PetSmart, today!

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Jenna Wood said...

I love that you wanted the new bed to help match/tie into the cushions on the porch! This bed turned out great I bet it would be perfect sat in an old wooden bureau drawer on the deck! #Client